The Worst Jobs For Your Health

The Worst Jobs For Your Health

Jobs always come with advantage and disadvantages and some jobs are dangerous for your health or even life. High paid jobs does not mean you are truly safe and healthy but it can also be a risk to your life. Here is a list of jobs that can be dangerous for your health or even life.

1. Dentists

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Dentist is one of the highest paying job, but it is the worst job for the health.The reason is that the dental material,solvents,lubricating oil and X-ray processing chemicals might cause infection to the skin as well as sharp objects used can give infections for example, hepatitis B.

2. Flight Attendants

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This job is one of the unhealthiest jobs you can ever do. Helping many strangers, holding their baggage can lead to infections and contaminants.There are no fixed timings for this job, you need to be ready anytime the plane flies which might worsen one’s health. The scary thing is that if there are any technical or weather problems, it might cause accidents while you are flying in the air.

3. Mining

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Mining has always been the unhealthy jobs for your health.Miners can have cuts,burns, bites and infections due to hazardous work condition.In addition, miners works in hazardous gases,fumes,loud noises, and going through caves which makes them live in an extremely unhealthy condition.

4. Veterinarians

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A veterinarian is the one who treat injured or sick animals, it could be any animals.The animals can be as pet brought by people or stray animals.Vets are exposed to infections,flu, contaminant and unknown threats that can make them sick or injured from the sick animals.

5. Podiatrists

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This profession goes through the human foot and find out what is wrong with the foot. When a Podiatrists find out a disease from the patient’s foot , they can be exposed to nail-dust which can get in the nose,respiratory system and conjunctiva.They also can get cough, asthma attack and itching.

6. Water and Wastewater Treatment

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This job is to regulate and maintain a series of devices and single machine to treat waste water or water.People with this kind of job are vulnerable to water-borne diseases and contaminants like cholera,typhoid,cholera and dengue which happens because of the accumulation of water in one place.They also can have burns,minor cuts,bites, and stings.

7. Derrick Operators (Oil and Gas)

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What they do is to regulate pumps and rig derrick machines to maintain the mud circulation continuously through a hole inside it.The disadvantage of this job is the hazardous working condition,the exposure of cuts,burns, bite, and stings.

8. Critical Care Nurses

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ICU and CCU are the most sensitive place in a hospital where Patients with severe diseases are treated. It is the reason why critical care nurses are at much higher risk because they are always exposed to radiation in the Intensive Care unit and dangerous contaminants.The result is that they can get disease infection from the patients they are treating.

9. Elevator Installers and Repairers

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This job is extremely risky for anyone because you need to handle electricity and tackling wires.It is not an easy task to have this profession, they might suffer from cuts,burns and electric shocks.You might risk your life during a repair of elevator or installation.The condition to be in elevator with limited oxygen makes it unhealthy for health.

10. Radiologists

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Radiologists do x-rays on people to find out disease in the bodies and broken bones.They also can have the radiation more than the patient goes through during an X-ray.They can get disease and infection from patients and deadly disease such as cancer is the common disease that might affect Radiologist.