The World's Largest Gambling Center

The World's Largest Gambling Center

Countries that hold the title as the largest gambling center in the world. Casinos are entertainment facilities that are usually located in the city center and are synonymous with gambling, every city in various countries must have this facility because it is undeniable that the official gambling industry has a major influence on the economy of a country. The gambling arena contains various kinds of supporting entertainment facilities such as a game arena, swimming pool, or even a hotel. Of the many casinos in the world, this is the one that holds the best title and reputation.



It is undeniable that Macau is able to support the Chinese economy because of the existence of its casinos, until now Macau is still being developed as a gambling city. One of the favorite places for wealthy tycoons is the Venetian which has the largest casino in the area, through a fantastic tax, a lot of skyscrapers, giant corporations, and the world's first best-gambling city with a very large development.

San Jose, Costa Rica

san jose

San Jose is the largest city that drives the Costarica government, this city is famous for its beautiful and charming natural scenery, not only that, it turns out that in San Jose you can find approximately 15 casinos with the best quality and excellent facilities, ranging from shopping centers, hotels star until the restaurant. No wonder then Costa Roca is included in one of the ten cities with the largest gambling in the world.

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is an area located in the United States state of California. This city is also included in the row of the largest gambling centers in the world, nicknamed the American city of angels, Los Angeles is the main destination for the gods of gambling, especially if you don't visit the largest casino in this place, Commerce casino. Los Angeles is known as the world's best casino player scorer, especially for poker games.

Paris, France


So far, Paris is known as a super romantic country and the center of world fashion. Behind that France also has many casino buildings as gambling centers, people's high desire to gamble even started long before casinos existed, they play online gambling, in this country, there are at least hundreds of casinos scattered in various parts of the city, one of which is the Avation Club De France. famous for its special room for playing poker, unfortunately in 2014, this location was officially closed by the government even though there are hundreds of other buildings that are still operating today.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapura

marina bay sands singapore

Marina Bay is the largest gambling hub in Southeast Asia located in Singapore. This resort was built at a cost of 5 and a half billion US dollars by the clear owners of Vegas and Sheldon Adelson and officially opened in 2010. Since then Marina Bay has been included in the world's top 10 gambling centers, not only a gathering place for Southeast Asian billionaires, Marina Bay is also open to the public, in the Marina Bay area there are 2500 hotel rooms, nightclubs, swimming pools, and a giant atrium.

Paradise Island, Bahamas

paradise island


The charm of the beauty of the island of the Bahamas has become a byword for many people, has a tropical climate, and is surrounded by the ocean, making tourists flock to this island of Bahamas. But not only the beautiful nature on this island, but there is also a resort which is known as a paradise island, this resort is a gathering place for poker players, every year there is a poker championship tournament held on Nesel Island, it's no wonder then that this area becomes the largest gambling center world.