Words You Should Never Say In An Argument With Your Partner

Words You Should Never Say In An Argument With Your Partner

Guys, there are some things you should not say when fighting with your partner. Here are four examples of negative sentences that will only damage your relationship. Do not try this at home!

1. "We're done!"

Do not threaten to break the relationship if you have not thought it through. You are not a 16-year-old, right? Remember, do not say the sentence if you only intend to bully or hurt him, unless you are really ready to end the relationship with him.

2. "Remember when ..."

If your spouse ever made a mistake and you have forgiven, do not bring up issues from the past to reinforce the new argument. Why? When you forgive someone, that means you have stopped blaming. So, it's time to move on.

3. "You can never satisfy me."

Uh-oh ... Bad idea. One of the worst things you can do during a fight is to raise the issue of sex. Even if you find it difficult to have an orgasm, it's not the right time. Save the opinion for another time, where you can both discuss it well.

4. "Your body ... .."

Who says only women who can be hurt when her body is criticized? Do not throw insults that are sensitive like calling him fat or smelly. It's a pretty painful and irrevocable insult, and you'll regret it after saying it.