Unbelievable Women On Earth

Unbelievable Women On Earth

Nowadays a lot of people change their physical appearance to look more beautiful and attractive. Some people transform their bodies into extreme physical appearances in order to be the center of attention. Here are some popular women that you might not believe exist in this real world:

1.Maria Jose Cristerna (Vampire Woman)

This woman from Mexico was a normal person before she decided to change her body to an extreme physical appearance. Maria Jose has transformed herself into a woman vampire. Her body is covered with tattoos, transformed her teeth to a vampire's teeth, her head was inserted with two thorns and other more surgeries to look like a real vampire.

2.  Valeria Lukyanova (Real Life Barbie)

This Russian girl is an unbelievable human Barbie and popular for her Barbie doll looks. She claimed to have a breast implant, but the rest of her body is all-natural because of her daily gym workouts and special diet.

3. Christine Walton (Woman With Longest Nails)

This 45-year-old woman from Las Vegas is the owner of the world’s longest nails on this planet. Christine Walton holds the world record for the Longest Fingernails which has a measuring of 10ft 2in (409.8cm) on her left hand and 9ft 7in (292.1cm) on her right hand.

4. Asha Mandela (Woman With Longest Hairs)

Asha Mandela from Florida, America holds the Guinness world records for women with the longest hairs in the world. The length of her hair reaches 55 ft which makes her proud of her looks and calls herself the black Rapunzel.

5. Jyoti Amge (World’s Shortest Woman)

The shortest woman on earth goes to Jyoti Amge. On her 18th birthday on December 21, 2011, she was officially declared to be the shortest woman in the world by the Guinness World Records. Jyoti has a height of 62.8 centimeters (2ft 0.6 in) and she is really short because of a growth abnormality called achondroplasia.

6.  Elisany da Cruz Silva (World’s Tallest Woman)

This is the tallest woman on earth from Brazil called Elisany da Cruz Silva. Her height of 6.9 feet making her the tallest woman in the world. The interesting part of her life is that she has a boyfriend with a height of 5 ft 4 inches. Her boyfriend is not shy at all to be shorter than his girlfriend.

7. Kim Goodman (Women Who Can Pop-Out Eyes)

This woman called Kim Goodman can pop her eyes out of her eye socket by 12 millimeters (0.47 inches). The Guinness World of Records announced her as the farthest eyeball protrusion. This woman is really not afraid that her eyes might fall out suddenly.

8. Julia Gnuse (Most tattoed Woman On Earth)

Julia Gnuse holds the world record of most tattooed women in the world. She's 61 year old woman from America is also known as the illustrated lady and her body is covered 95% by tattoos.

9. Big Beshine (Woman With Largest Breasts)

She's 27 years old named Beshine who is also known as the largest breast woman. Her breast has a weight of 42 pounds. This enormous size of the breast must be so uncomfortable to live with because of the heavy breast that she must carry around every day.

10. Jocelyn Wildenstein (Plastic Surgery)

Jocelyn Wildenstein has made extensive surgeries, which appeared to be like a monster face. Jocelyn said that she have to spend around $4 million to get a cat-like appearance but unfortunately she turned her face to some kind of strange creature.