Why You Shouldn't Eat Late At Night

Why You Shouldn't Eat Late At Night

Snacking at night is delicious, but there are several reasons that make this habit dangerous. Want to know why? Let's read it below!

1. Weight gain
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As you know, eating a snack before bed (obviously) can gain weight. This also applies when you eat too late, like enjoying dinner around nine o'clock at night. Experts say that you should take the time to burn excessive calories after eating the food. If not, well, do not complain if you gain weight.

Jenna Hope, a nutritionist from London, said that the food consumed late at night is directly related to the addition of high body fat. Excessive caloric intake accompanied by minimal activity when sleeping makes the body end up storing excess calories as a food or fat reserve.

2. Susceptible Disease
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One of the most worrying side effects of frequent late night snack is a hormonal response disorder. According to many studies, eating late at night turns the body into a deficiency in the ability to process insulin.

This makes the body difficult to separate glucose from the blood, which leads to the vulnerability of the body to disease. Worse, if it lasts for a long period of time, it increases the risk of developing diabetes. Oops!

3. Sleep disturbance
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Enjoying snack before bed turned out to have a negative impact on quality and time to sleep, you know. According to Jenna Hope, there is a high relationship between high intake of sweet foods, caffeine and alcohol consumption to sleep quality.

Research conducted by Jenna prove that eating these things can cause your sleep quality not maximal and increase the laziness the next day.

4. Stress
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Research also proves that eating at night turned out to increase levels of hormones cortisol or high stress hormones. In addition to harmful to health, high levels of cortisol is also found to increase the risk of fat accumulation, especially in the abdominal area.

The more stressed you are, the more you will want to snack at night. Well, for the sake of stopping the "circle" that is relentless, it's good you eat a dinner menu with a balanced portion. Choose foods with high enough protein like red yams that help regulate blood sugar levels, so you can feel full longer.

5. Increased hunger
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The fact is that eating in large portions at night does not make you eat less food the next day. Eating at night turns out to actually increase the amount of food consumed the next day.

Why? Because your insulin response is interrupted the night before, and this makes your blood sugar control worse so you feel hungrier faster. Hmm, from now on, reduce the snack at night.