What To Do After Bikini or Brazilian Wax

What To Do After Bikini or Brazilian Wax

Want to keep your Miss Cheerful healthy after doing a bikini or brazilian wax? Ladies, these 6 important tips that can be followed after the waxing session.

1. Use serum to relieve the redness on the skin.
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If your waxing expert recommends a soothing gel or cream to relieve the redness, do it! Use after bathing in order to heal irritation faster.

2. Use comfortable underwear.
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Materials such as nylon and spandex can trap sweat and bacteria, so choose underwear made of cotton so that your skin can breathe.

3. Avoid tight pants.
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Hold on to your desire to wear skinny jeans or tight leggings! Use loose pants or skirts so that the skin in the Miss Cheerful area is not rubbed.

4. Keep it clean in the Miss Cheerful area.
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In order not to itch and reduce unpleasant odors, remember to rinse the area around Miss Cheerful with a special feminine wash soap (with a neutral pH).

5. Do not swim or use body scrub first.
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Wait three days before soaking in the pool water or sea, because the chlorine and salt water can be absorbed by the pores of the skin that is still open. Use scrubs after three days to prevent ingrown hairs (hair growing in), yes!

6. Wait 2-3 days before sex.
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Physical contact can cause skin irritation and burning sensations. Oh, no thanks! Allow your skin time to rest so that your skin pores are accustomed to its new situation. Then, you can move on the bed with your partner as much as you want!