Strangest Job People Do For Money

Strangest Job People Do For Money

Some people in the world will do strange things to live.There are many people that wants to have a strange job for the sake of money.Although these jobs are unbelievably weird but the workers get paid really high!Here are the strangest job on earth that some people do for a lot of money:

  1. Professional Snuggler


Professional snugglers jobs mostly happen in Japan.This job surely sound really strange but believe it or not a lot of people get paid for this kind of service.These professional snugglers get paid around $60-$80 an hour for sleeping and hugging a stranger.It is paid a lot because of its awkwardness.

2. Dog Food Tester


When you hear of food tester, you usually would think of someone who taste human food but it is unbelievably true that some people get paid to taste dog food.The company of the dog food brand hire people to test their dog food and evaluate the flavor,nutrition, and also how the packaging is being done.Most of the dog food tester always spit the dog food out before after tasting it.Although the job is so weird,they do get paid a really high salary around $40.000.

3. Water slide Tester


A water slide tester is a fun and cool job to have.They travel to different water parks from different location and also to many countries.What they do is to tests the performance of the slide.

The water slide tester will tell the water slide company if something is wrong or anything that may happen regarding to safety concerns.Although it is fun to ride slides and travel to many countries, it can sometimes be tough but they get paid around $30,000 so it won’t be a problem.

4. Face feeler


The face feelers are professionals who work to test people who uses the cleansing products on their face.When people finish using the face products, a face feeler uses their sensory skills to judge the cleansing product.They are also called sensory scientist who are are good at feeling skin to test people faces.Face feelers are paid $25 an hour.

5. Golf Ball Diver


If you ever watch people that play golf sometimes they hit the ball into the water.the golf ball diver  has to get the balls that are falling into the water.Although it looks easy to just grab the golf balls but it could also be extremely dangerous because they should have strong muscle to collect a large bag of golf balls and also sometimes there are alligators too.The golf ball divers usually get paid $50-100k annually.

6. Line Sitters


Waiting in a really long lines are usually boring to anyone but there are many companies that will sit in lines so you don’t have to wait for so long in lines.This kind of job looks boring just sitting in lines but surely is a wise thing to do than standing or sitting around doing nothing.The line sitters can get paid around $1500 just to wait in line.

7. Personal Shopper


Most women in the world really love to go out shopping but sometimes you might not know what to really buy.The personal shoppers are the one who gives advice based on your style of clothing.To be a personal shopper you should make a close relationship with your clients to understand their needs and sense of styles.Personal shoppers usually make $65 an hour.

8. Paper Towel Sniffer


The paper towel sniffers get paid to smell paper towels to make sure there are no strange smell before they sell it to the market.This job is actually rare but some companies hire someone to sniff their paper towels.they are paid around $1,000 a week for only smelling the paper towels.

9. Ice cream tester


Anyone who loves ice cream will probably love this kind of job.What they do is to taste the ice cream and may eat it too which is such a cool job but unfortunately this job is only taken by food scientist.The food scientist will judge how the ice cream taste,color,flavor,smell,texture, and how it looks.They get paid around $100,000 annually which is really cool to test and eat ice cream.

10. Live mannequin


This kind of job is another boring job where you just stand still for hours.These people should stand still like a statue for long hours.The live models are more effective and attractive than the plastic ones because of its uniqueness.To be a mannequin, you should be able to stand still for long hours.Even though it is a boring job to do, live mannequins can receive around $100 an hour.