Ways To Maintain Good Health For Gamers

Ways To Maintain Good Health For Gamers

Learn how to maintain good health without having to abandon your gamer lifestyle. For gamers, there are a number of injuries that can emerge if you spend too long playing or even death.

Drink Water Regularly

For all readers probably know the importance of drinking water. Usually, most gamers, when they play games for a long time will forget simple things. Like drinking water, because they focus on the game. Drinking water will help our body to get rid of acidic substances from body cells and muscle aches that might be caused by the lack of drinking water. Symptoms of the lack of drinking water will make a dry throat, neck pain, eye pain, headache, finger pain, etc. Therefore, drinking enough water is an important thing that cannot be ignored.

Choose Eating / Drinking According to the Body

Apart from keeping the body hydrated, what is equally important is 'eating' itself. Many of you might already know how to eat right for your health. But even so, maybe there are some gamers who want to know more about eating right. What are the details? First of all, enough to eat the right amount, but be careful of foods or drinks that contain sugar. The point is still maintaining intake so that the body receives all the nutrients it needs.

Light exercise

For this, I want to say that this is a way to exercise for those who don't have time or don't want to exercise outside. The method I will talk about is light exercise. Gamers can do this at home 2 to 3 times a day.

Light exercise will take about 30 seconds - 1 minute ~ Straighten arms on both sides. With both hands held and leaning to the right until it feels tense under the arm (hold for about 10 seconds and then change sides) ~ Push-up 10 times (if you can't do it, can push-up your knees only) ~ When sitting, lift one foot up and straighten (hold for 2 seconds and change sides). ~ Or easily you can just check the Youtube video.

Find a Good Sitting Position & Lying

Anyone who has a gaming chair, might not be too influential on this topic. But for many people who do not have a gaming chair must first know that sitting or lying down will directly affect their health. If you sit for a long time, it will cause muscle pain. And abnormal sleep will affect the respiratory system. Therefore, gamers must be good at finding a good sitting position to maintain good health. In addition, the muscles must sometimes be stretched to help reduce contractions caused by the frequency of bending.

Eye Fatigue

Anyone gamers have experienced this problem, their eyes will become tired from staring at a computer screen or phone for a long time. But because eye fatigue is quite common, many people tend to ignore this small detail, and aside from the 'Blue Screen' eye fatigue that comes from the screen of every electronic device is another factor that is very dangerous for our eyes. If possible, I recommend turning on the Blue Light Filter feature for cellphones and Night Light for PC. The point itself is to filter out blue light for eye preservation. For those who have money, just buy special glasses on the 'Blue Screen'. While eye fatigue can be overcome with adequate rest.

Breathe in the Fresh Air

When you sit stuffily in a room with closed air for a long time it will definitely feel uncomfortable or have difficulty breathing. The solution is easy, just walk outside and enjoy every breath of natural air. Open a window if you can, a door even and let fresh oxygen enter your system, this allows your muscles to lock and load for another battle on Hoth.

Enough sleep

When encountered a problem like this? When I start playing a game at 7 pm and when I watch the clock I unconsciously show the number 4 (dawn). This is because I'm too fanatical about the game, especially during the newly released game, we definitely tend to fight with time until we forget to rest. It's good to sleep for 3-4 hours because a lack of sleep can trigger many diseases. Prevent it from happening!


There are two reasons you might be overweight. Reason one is a cluster of things, but really it comes down to sugar and lack of exercise. Reason two is low metabolism, which is pretty much just a hard boss fight, except you're at a disadvantage compared to other players. Having a low metabolism means it’s way harder for your body to break down the bad things your eating, so a lot of it is turning into fat. If you're tried exercise and diets before with no luck, there’s a chance you fall under this category, that or you're just Jabba the Hut, in which case, I can't help you sorry. Here are a few ways you can speed up your metabolism or maintain good health.

Eat more dairy products Same goes for protein and red meats Drink cold/chilled water as opposed to warm

Stretch your hands and wrists

Whether you’re console or PC gaming, playing for many hours in a row is tough on your hands and wrists. Maintaining good posture will help keep them aligned, but the muscles can still get cramped, and many gamers (especially those who are addicted to gaming) have developed carpal tunnel syndrome, a painful condition that’ll put you on the bench for a while. Every hour, move your wrists in a few circles, flex your fingers, and stretch your wrists.