5 Ways to Store Bananas for Several Days

5 Ways to Store Bananas for Several Days

Bananas are one of the favorite fruits for many people. This is not surprising considering that bananas are a fruit that knows no seasons. The price of bananas is also much cheaper than other fruits. Because of this, bananas are often used by many people as a dessert after breakfast or dinner.

Because bananas have good nutrition for our bodies, we should know how to store this one fruit to keep it durable. Of course, we can't eat bananas at once, especially if we buy one bunch. Regarding this, Hipwee will provide tips on storing bananas so they don't rot quickly. How? Come on, see more below!

1. Store bananas by hanging them and keeping them away from other fruits. This is useful so that bananas get air, avoid the sun, and prevent the spread of ethylene gas

Bananas will rot quickly if they don't get air circulation and are exposed to too much sun. In addition, it would be better if the bananas are stored by hanging rather than lying on the table. Hanging bananas can slow down the ripening process, which is why bananas go bad. You should also keep bananas away from other fruits. Keeping bananas away from other fruit is to prevent the spread of ethylene gas which makes bananas ripen quickly, especially apples which spread ethylene gas the fastest.

2. Wrap the ends of the banana hump in aluminum foil or wrap the entire banana comb in plastic. This is intended to prevent and spread ethylene gas

Then you can wrap the banana hump using aluminum foil. This is useful for preventing and spreading ethylene gas which is naturally produced by bananas during the ripening process. This way, bananas will last longer. This is the best and correct way to store ripe bananas.

In addition to using aluminum foil, you can also wrap banana stems with plastic. Functions the same as an aluminum foil because the plastic can slow the release of ethylene gas. You can wrap the banana stems all at once or one at a time. Pretty easy, right?

3. Refrigerate for ripe or half-ripe bananas. Don't store unripe bananas in the fridge

The refrigerator can be used to store bananas to make them last longer. However, there is a way to store bananas in the refrigerator to make them last longer. If you want to store ripe bananas, the refrigerator might be one way to preserve this fruit. Yes, even so, the skin may turn brown but the contents are still delicious to eat.

Meanwhile, if you want to know how to store bananas in the refrigerator so they don't turn black, you only need to buy bananas that are still half-ripe. So you don't need to buy bananas that are ready to eat. The refrigerator will slow down the ripening process but still provide good quality and taste when we eat. In short, the refrigerator will keep your bananas delicious even after a few days.

4. To make it more durable and practical, you can peel and slice the bananas first and store them in an airtight container before refrigerating them in the freezer

In addition to using the refrigerator, you can also use a freezer to make bananas last longer. The most effective condition or method of storing bananas in the freezer is to slice them first. Cut the bananas into small pieces and store them in a container or plastic so that the bananas will last longer.

Slicing the bananas first before putting them in the freezer also makes it easier for you to eat them if you want. You don't need to peel the banana skin anymore. This practicality is also useful when we want to cook or process the banana.

5. You can use lemon juice or pineapple juice to soak the peeled bananas. The acid in these two fruits is useful for slowing down oxidation

In addition to putting it in the freezer, how to store peeled bananas in the refrigerator is to preserve them using lemon juice by soaking them. Melon juice itself is very effective at preventing bananas from turning brown. Place the sliced bananas in an airtight container and place in the freezer. However, don't soak the bananas for too long as this can make them mushy.


In addition to lemon juice, using squeezed water or pineapple juice is also very effective for preserving peeled bananas. You just need to prepare the pineapple juice in a bowl and dip the banana slices into the bowl. The acid in lemon and pineapple juice helps to slow down oxidation.