Want to Sleep Well? Make These 4 Changes To Your Room

Want to Sleep Well? Make These 4 Changes To Your Room

Often experience insomnia? There are some changes you can make in the room to help you sleep well. Consider the following tips from mindblowings!

1. Clear the room.

Keeping your room tidy is not always easy, but the habit can have a good effect on your mood and productivity. Did you know that your brain always notes the circumstances around and stores information about what the eye sees? Therefore, messy rooms can lead to restless sleep!

2. Clean the space under the bed.

Because you often sweat while falling asleep, the mattress will surely absorb the moisture - and storing lots of stuff underneath will inhibit air circulation under the mattress.

Do you often sneeze many times in the morning? Maybe you are allergic to dust collected under the bed or in the hairy carpet that is in the middle of the room.

3. Avoid bright digital clocks.

Electronic machines that emit light like a digital clock can block a good night's sleep. Research also shows that getting rid of LED displays can improve your sleeping quality!

4. Turn off all electronic devices.

Except air conditioning, of course. We mean laptops, television, speakers, and smartphone! Apparently, the blue light emitted from behind the television screen and smartphone hold the hormone melatonin that makes you sleepy.

In fact, research has shown that blue light can lower melatonin production by 91 percent! So, if you want to sleep soundly, turn off the gadget 30 minutes before you want to sleep. Bored? Read mindblowings before bedtime!