Want To Look Beautiful Naturally? Do These 5 Rituals Every Morning

Want To Look Beautiful Naturally? Do These 5 Rituals Every Morning

There are several benefits to your body if you give enough attention to the skin. Therefore, waking up early makes you have plenty of free time to keep your body beautiful and healthy. Here's the beauty ritual that must be done in the morning.

1. Water consumption + lemon juice

Lemon water is believed to be good for digestion as well as maintaining the immune system. Alternatively, you can try honey and lemon shot, which is mixing a tablespoon of organic honey with half lemon juice. Not only good to boost immunity, but this drink can also make skin brighter and healthier.

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2. Spray face mist

In addition to making fresh faces instantly, face mist can help reduce the puffiness of the face when you wake up or use before and after skincare or makeup. For a more refreshing result, you can keep the face mask in the refrigerator before using it.

3. Routine serum use

It is also one of the important rituals in the morning for the face. You can choose a serum that can function as an antioxidant with vitamin C and E content to protect the face of free radicals so that the skin condition becomes better and also shine. Apply serum after cleansing the face and using toner.

4. Use sunscreen

If you live in a tropical country, using sunscreen is mandatory. Not only during hot weather, but sunscreen should also be used when cold. Choose a sunscreen with SPF and PA content to protect skin from UVA and UVB rays.

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5. Sports

In addition to performing routine beauty from the outside, attention to body health is also important to do, one of them with exercise. Evidently, women who exercise more regularly tend to be happier and sleep more soundly. Not only good for health, exercise is also good for the skin and face for more toned. Spend 15 to 30 minutes doing the sport you like.

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