Video Equipment Required to Start a YouTube Channel

Video Equipment Required to Start a YouTube Channel

For those of you who often watch Youtube certainly know what is Vlog. A vlog is a type of blog that is displayed through video media, the video blog usually is the daily activities of the creator of the vlog.

There are many kinds ranging from culinary vlogs, vlogs traveling, to make-up tutorials there!

Well for those of you who want to start to vlog on Youtube, let's see the first 5 important tools that will make your vlog more interesting.

1. You need a vlog camera that is practically brought everywhere

You definitely need a camera to make your vlog right? Action Cam or your Mobile camera can be an alternative! You can use a cam action or mobile phone that you usually hold every day. Let's make your mobile phone a tool to be a famous Vlogger or Youtuber!

2. To make your vlog sound more steady, do not forget to use microphone.

Did you know that most viewers are more "tolerant" to see vlog images that are bad but the audio quality clear heard than a clear picture but the audio quality is completely destroyed.

3. Want your vlog to look professional? Use a Tripod!

You need a tripod, monopod, or, Gorillapod, to reduce vibration when recording videos with empty hands (Handheld).

4. Your video will be clear with camera lighting!

If you make a vlog at night or in a room with minimal lighting, you should use compact lighting such as LED lights to let the video results bright.

5. Select the appropriate laptop and your vlog editing needs.

Already finished vlogging? It's time to edit the recording. To edit, you need a computer or laptop. Choose what suits your needs in editing the vlog.

Now you already know what tools needed to start vlogging. You don't really need a very expensive tool, the most important thing is you have to be consistent and focus in creating vlogs. Do it with passion & cheerful and let all the process run smooth, your vlog will have a positive value for many people :)