Useful Things You Can Do With Coca Cola

Useful Things You Can Do With Coca Cola

As we all know that soda drinks contain a lot of sugar, preservatives, ingredients that are acidic and corrosive (scraper).To give you an overview of the substances contained in soda drinks, there are some useful functions that can be done with soda drinks which some of you might not know.Here are some useful things you can do with coca-cola that might be useful.

1. Pour it to the cookware with hard stains and rust to make it clean.

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Isn’t it annoying when you finish cooking and see your cookware black and dirty? You can pour Coca -Cola into a frying pan, heat, stir it briefly. Carbonated beverages can also be used to clean water for cooking kettles and other kitchen appliances.

2. Add it to the meat to be more tender and sweet.

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Pouring Coca-Cola in your meat marinades your meat to be sweeter and tenderize meat or you can also mix a bit of soda with soy sauce to give it a sweet taste that is unique to meat dishes.

3. Coca-Cola attract flies and other insects.

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You can make this fly trap by cutting the bottle in half then put the top upside down and the bottom filled with Coca-Cola. You can also pour it into a bowl, then place it on a table , leave for about an hour and you will see flies and other insects going in the Coca-Cola attracted by the aroma and sweetness.

4. With its strong acid content, Coca-Cola makes your plants flourish without pests.

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Pour into a small bowl and place it near the plants. Pests will be attracted to the smell and acid in cola drinks that will make them die instantly.

5. It cleans rust and loosen rusted bolts.

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Pour the Coca-cola on the rusty bolt, wait a few minutes, then rub it. Rusty bolts will look just like new again.