Unusual Houses Around The World

Unusual Houses Around The World

Almost everyone must have dreamed about living in their dream home. It can be in the city center, on the rice field, close to the beach or even on a mountain. Well, here is some unique houses that might inspire to build your dream house.

1. Upside down house, Canada


This upside down house is located in Ontario, Canada.It has two bedrooms. The house was built by two Polish immigrants who originally came to Niagara Falls in 2004.They were impressed with the view of the waterfall so the two men designed the house completely upside down, including rooms in the house, kitchen, bedroom, office, and furniture. The floors in this house is made of oblique. Well you can imagine how hard to live in a house like that?

2.Bubble house, France


This adorable place to stay is located in the State of France, and has been used as a historical monument. From inside this residence, you can look around the wonderful panorama. Isn’t cool?

3. Sliding House, Japan


This is a Japanese house that has 3 floors and It looks just like a normal house.There are stairs to the top, but if you want to go down you have to pass through the slide.It feels like in living in the amusement park right?

4. Dome house, Indonesia


The dome houses were built for the people of the village who lost their houses from an earthquake in the city of Jogjakarta, Indonesia. The domes are very strong because it can withstand earthquakes and winds up to 190 mph.

5. Slim house, Japan


The Tokyo architectural firm Mizuishi Architect designed a house with a very cramped size  but can be occupied crowds and also the interior and roar in it is very adequate.

6. 1 x 1 house, German


An architect from Berlin, Van Bo Le-Mentzel got the idea to make the stay of the lightest, portable, and measures just 1x1meter. It can be rented at a price of 1 Euro a night!

7. Transparent house, Japan


This unique transparent house is located in Japan.If you dare to live 24 hours a day 7 days a week in a house that is transparent to your everyday activities and whatever you do can be seen from outside, so this residence may be very suitable for you!

8. Stone house, Portugal


This home looks like a massive rock but this unique house in Portugal also has a door, a window and a chimney like other normal houses.The stone house has become a popular tourist attraction in Portugal.

9. Giant Seashell House, Mexico


A young family with two children in Mexico city are inspired by the work of Gaudi and Frank Lloyd Wright so they built a seashell-shaped house for them to live.It must be an amazing experience to live everyday in a sea-shell don’t you think?

10. Dick Clark’s Flinstones Inspired Home,USA


A television legend once sold his 22 acres house in Malibu for $3.5 million.As you can see the above picture, it looks like the house from the Flinstones and its interior looks just like the home of Fred and Wilma from the cartoon of Flintstones.This spectacular cartoon house offer views of the city lights,valleys,mountains,islands and the Pacific ocean.