Unique Facts About Glasses

Unique Facts About Glasses

Glasses, lens aids are very useful to normalize and sharpen the eyes. Although the glasses are only a tool, now many glasses are used as accessories. The long history of glasses makes the emergence of a unique fact about glasses that had been used for hundreds of years.

History of Glasses

It is not clear who and when glasses were first made but is known from ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic references in the 5th century BC, simple glass meniscal lenses have been found. Apart from the historical reference of ancient Egypt, the use of glasses was also recorded in the 1st century AD. History records that the Roman emperor Nero often used an auxiliary tool of concave gems (emeralds) as a corrective lens for the benefit of reading and even watching a show. Yet no record says whether Emperor Nero has problems with his eyes

Literature review

A note about eye aids is also present in Alhazen's book on optics written in 1021. In that note, the use of convex lenses is used to shape the magnification of the image. Having translated from Arabic to Latin, which plays a role in the development of eyeglasses in Europe. Around the 9th century, a scientist named Abbas Ibn Firnas invented the method of making the lens more clear that is sharpened by being formed into a round stone.

Glasses in China

Unlike the Egyptians, Arabs, Persians, and Europeans, the Chinese are believed to use glasses made of lenses that have large oval shapes. The lenses are said to be made of crystal stone and added with a frame component made of tortoiseshell. So, modern-type glasses have also been used by the nation of China in ancient times.

Transparent Lenses

Sir Joseph Needham first made the lens from a transparent stone.

Glasses with better lens use are finally created, having previously only a simple magnifying lens.

Types of Glasses

At least now there are types of glasses, based on lenses, such as Corrective, Single Vision, Reading glasses, Bifocal, Trifocal, Adjustable Focus, Progressive, etc. For Bifocal type glasses is the type of glasses found by scientists and politician Benjamin Franklin where these kinds of glasses have two focal points. Bifocal become one of the most popular and versatile sunglasses because it is used for long-distance and also close range.

Negative Opinion

The Theodore Roosevelt

Before the 20th-century people who use glasses are considered negative by western culture. They are considered by outmoders and people who are too religious because they need a tool to read. But this view changed when Theodore Roosevelt often photographed with glasses in the 1900s and Harold Lloyd who often wear glasses while playing the movie

Public Sunglasses Figure


In the 20th century, not a few rockers or singers like to wear sunglasses. Two figures wear glasses as a fashion including Buddy Holly and John Lennon. Buddy Holly is famous for her big black frame sunglasses, and John Lennon is famous for its thick optics and lenses

Sunglasses and 3 Dimensions

Eyeglasses with dark or black lenses become a revolution for the use of glasses previously intended to clarify eyesight. Sunglasses are precisely designed to protect against exposure to direct sunlight. A pilot also often uses sunglasses while driving an airplane.

Do you know 3D glasses? This tool is a vital tool to get three-dimensional sensation when watching 3D movies. but did you know? 3D glasses have only one red lens and one more blue or cyan lens.

Glasses for computer

For you who like to play games, know if there are glasses for gamers or commonly called the Yellow Tinted Computer.

These glasses are widely used in computer use. Its usefulness is to petrify ease tension on the eyes and reduce fatigue. This type of glasses are commonly used by active gamers, game designers, graphic designers, and software developers

Google Glass

Google Glass is a workable computer that is being developed by Google through the Project Glass research and development project. This device displays information in a smartphone-style format, which can connect to the Internet through natural language voice commands.

However, the glasses produced do not have a built-in lens, but Google is considering a partnership with eyewear manufacturers such as Ray-Ban or Warby Parker, as well as with retailers, so consumers can try the device before purchasing it. Explorer Edition can not be used by people who wear prescription glasses, but Google has confirmed that they will work to make Glass work with lenses that match the recipes of the wearer.
Google Glass is being developed by Google X, which has previously also developed other futuristic technologies such as self-made cars. The project was announced via Google+ by the head of Project Glass, Babak Parviz, a contact lens technician; Steve Lee, a product manager and "geolocation specialist"; and Sebastian Thrun, the developer of Udacity who also co-developed the self-employed auto project. Google has patented the Project Glass design.