Amazing Bars Around The World

Amazing Bars Around The World

We usually come to drink to an indoor bar but it will also be amazing if we drink outside and look at the spectacular views. While drinking your favorite wine, you can also enjoy the amazing natural landscape. Here are the cool bars you should visit once in a lifetime:

1.Tiger Leaping Gorge Bar, Tiongkok


This bar is located in China called Tiger Leaping Gorge. It has an incredible canyon that people call the World Heritage Site. It has an extraordinary view with a blend of steep cliffs and natural scenes to this bar which makes it the best bar view in the world. To get to this bar you should take a 2-hour trip through the cliffs then you can feel the sensation of drinking wine or beer in this amazing bar.

2. Red Sea Stars, Israel


The Red Sea Star Bar is located beneath the waters of the Red Sea coast of Eilat, Israel. This bar gives the sensation of watching a real underwater world of the Red Sea during the day or night. You can watch the fish while drinking your favorite beer or wine which gives an amazing sensation of drinking under the sea.

3. Blue Lagoon Bar, Ice Land


This bar has a bar in a pool concept but with warm water. The water comes from natural geothermal resources from the volcanic mountains in Iceland. It is a nice feeling to enjoy the warm water while enjoying a cocktail. People can also get the health benefit of being in the warm water that comes from volcanic mountain.

4. The Big Baobab, South Africa


In southern Africa, there is a bar inside a tree called the Baobab tree. Back in 1933, the owners of the Sun land Baobab Estate near Modjadjiskloof, South Africa noticed that one of the baobab trees on their property had a large and interesting hollow area. Being Dutch immigrants, they decided to construct a pub inside than it has been serving up drinks ever since.

5. Cave bar, Jordan


You can’t come to Jordan and miss the oldest bar in the world. Occupying a 2000-year-old Nabataean rock tomb, this blue-lit Petra, Jordan hot spot has been known to stay open until 4 am on busy summer nights. You can sit among the spirits while drinking which is an interesting scary sensation.

6. Sky bar, Thailand


Sky bar Lebua is a fabulous sky bar to hang out in Thailand. If you’re a fan of The Hangover movies this will be the place you want to visit for a night out. This outdoor bar may be just what you’re looking for with the amazing views from the 63rd floor and see the river and the city while drinking as the sun sets over Bangkok.

7. Absolut ice bar, London


Absolut ice bar is made of crystal clear ice from the Torne River in Sweden. The temperature in this bar reaches minus 5 degrees. Everything inside this bar is made from ice which includes the walls, chairs, tables, and even the glasses that the cocktails are served. This bar is always re-designed every six months with a different theme.

8. 3HR Giger bar, Swiss


The interior of the otherworldly environment is the H.R. Giger Museum Bar. The sensation of being in this remarkable place reminds us of the story of the tale of Jonah and the whale. While drinking your favorite drinks, you can feel the sensation in the belly of a fossilized prehistoric beast or being transported into the remains of transformation of future civilization.

9. Floyd’s pelicon bar, Jamaica


This cool bar sits on wooden stilts about 3/4’s a mile from the shore in Parottee Bay on the SW side of Jamaica. This bar was built by local fisherman Floyd Forbes who apparently dreamed of building a bar out to sea on stilts. It is called the “Pelican bar” because a lot of Pelicans hang out on the reef around the bar.

10.  Northern Lights Bar, Iceland


This bar is located inside the Ion hotel in the middle of the green landscape. It is an hour from Reykjavik, Iceland. It is the perfect place to drink and view the amazing green scenery with Northern lights.