Mysterious Underwater Cities You Never Heard Before

Mysterious Underwater Cities You Never Heard Before

Some of you might heard of the legend of Atlantis, the great city under water.Unlike this fictional island, there are real life lost cities discovered under the deep blue ocean.Here are the lost underwater cities of the ancient world that were once hidden under the deep blue sea but now has been explored and discovered by humans.

1. Shicheng, China

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The underwater city in Shicheng is believed belong to the Ming and Qing dynasties that ruled from 1368.Today, the city sits beneath 40 meters covering the city walls,statues and gates with water.

2. Pre-Incan Ruins in Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

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Lake Titicaca sits at the bottom of the lake among the temples,terraces,roads for around 1,500 years old pre-dating the Incas.According to Incas lore, the city was a deposit bank for stolen gold and treasures by the Spanish Kings but unfortunately the treasure have never been found.

Around 200 divers from Akakor Geographical Exploring went down the  deep sea and discovered several of artifacts such as vessels,stone statues,bones,and gold fragments.

3. Port Royal, Jamaica

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This underwater city was well known as the most sinful and wicked city in the world.Before the city sank into the sea, it was a  place for pirate activities,booze,prostitute, and night parties.

A massive  7.5 earthquake shook the island of Jamaica in June 1692 which made the city sank under the sea killing over 2,000 men,women, and children.People believed that the city sank because of the retribution for all the sins.

4. The Pyramids of Yonaguni-Jima, Japan


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The Yonaguni Monument lies underwater off the coast of Japan.Until this day, experts still argue about whether the Yonaguni Monument is man made or just a natural occurrence.

By looking at the triangular shapes and terraced stones, experts find it hard to believe that this monument occur naturally.However, the Yonaguni monument attracts scuba-divers for the beauty of the underwater monument.

4. Atlit-Yam, Israel

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Neolithic settlements was once located along the Carmel coast which are called the Atlit-Yam. It was built 7,550 and 8,000 years ago but was destroyed when a tsunami caused by a volcanic eruption and swept away the city.The foundations of houses,well and roads still remains underwater.

There is a devotional place that was believed to be the worshiped of water spirit.People died from tuberculosis, which is a deadly disease that swept the ancient civilization.

5. Baiae, Italy

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An ancient Roman city was found undersea that looks like a vacation homes of the rich.The city had some hot springs and because of the source of water, it was a popular place among the rich people.

When the water came to wash away the city, a lot of monuments were ruined including the Pisonian villa which Emperor Nero seized in the first century BC. Later years,the monument was found lying under the deep blue sea.