Tired In The Office? Overcome It With These 5 Tricks!

Tired In The Office? Overcome It With These 5 Tricks!

Are you trying to refresh yourself in the office after a night party? Here comes the 5 tricks to deal with fatigue in the office!

Limit your coffee consumption

You are only encouraged to drink one cup of coffee because too much caffeine will lead to headaches. By limiting yourself, you will avoid caffeine crashes in the afternoon. Imagine the boss reaction when you fall asleep in the middle of a meeting!

Use hydrating mist

Hydrating mist or face spray not only wakes you up but also keeps skin hydrated from drying out in the air-conditioned room. Recommendation: Evian Facial Spray or Kiehl's Cactus Flower & Tibetan Ginseng Hydrating Mist.

Turn on your favorite music

Listen to your favorite songs and boost the volume - with headphones, of course! Upbeat music with a steady rhythm will make the mood better. Listen also to this type of music that is proven to effectively improve work productivity.

Swap black eyeliner with white

Seriously. Use a white eyeliner with a soft tone like MAC Eye Kohl in the inner rim to give the illusion of a fresh eye. After all, this way is faster than drawing a pair of perfect winged eyes, right?

Drink a glass of water every hour

Water will help to refresh the body, hydrate the skin, prevent bad breath, and also give your feet a reason to move back and forth while filling the glass from the dispenser. Try it guys!