Tips To Reduce Salmonella Bacteria From Food

Tips To Reduce Salmonella Bacteria From Food

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a withdrawal order of 206,749,248 eggs produced by Rose Acre Farms in Seymour, Indiana, United States. Withdrawal is done after there are 22 reports of sick people after eating chicken eggs.

This incident was first noticed after the FDA received a report of one of the consumers living in the eastern coastal region of the United States. Chicken eggs that are suspected to be contaminated with salmonella bacteria are eggs produced by Hyde County Farm sold with several trademarks such as Country Daybreak, Food Lion, and Crystal Farms are usually distributed to retail stores and restaurants in Colorado, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Noth Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Salmonella bacteria can be found in the foods you eat. For that, it is important to keep the food hygiene that you consume. Salmonella bacteria can cause typhoid fever or better known as typhoid. The disease is caused by Salmonella typhi bacteria contained in contaminated food.

Although the presence of salmonella in food can't be detected easily, it does not mean you can't reduce the risk of this bacteria. Well, here are tips to reduce the risk of contamination of food with salmonella bacteria. Let's see the explanation below.

  • Before eating eggs, make sure you cook them thoroughly.
  • Cook the meat until the maturity is perfect. Perfectly cooked meat can kill bad bacteria in the diet. This can help reduce the risk of meat contaminated with salmonella bacteria.
  • Store hot and cold foods separately.
    Avoid letting food open. Keep food closed to avoid bad bacteria.
  • Keep the utensils clean.
  • Always wash your hands with soap before eating food.

The effects of salmonella bacteria can be very dangerous and you should better maintain the cleanliness and health of the body. Salmonella bacteria can attack anyone. Stay cautious guys!