Tips To Care And Store Your Collective Items

Tips To Care And Store Your Collective Items

Collecting your favorite item is something fun. But you also have to be extra careful about your collectibles. One of the efforts you have to do is maintaining and caring for your stuff so as to look shiny and clean. Now, here are the tips on how to keep your collection items. Check it out!

Storing your small items

For example, these small items are pencils, pens, key chains, or other small items. To store this collection, you can store it in a box so it does not easily scatter around and dusty.

Storing your soft goods

Soft stuff like dolls or small pillows is better stored by wrapping it with plastic. You can wrap it like a parcel wrap and make it look artistic. But if you don't want to be wrapped, you can wash it for at least 2 weeks though not dirty and dusty.

Storing your fashion items

For handmade clothes or which have detailed embroidery, there is no need to wash them frequently and you can just store them in a box.

For shoes, every 2 weeks, remove the shoes from the box. Put also silica gel in the shoebox to let the air in the box.

For bags, to keep the shape up, you can use the newspaper inside the bag. Do not put the bags on top of each other.

For collectibles such as books, comics, magazines, and tapes

For these items, you can store them in a dry place. Take advantage of silica gel to avoid humid air that can make a mold. Use plastic or wooden storage boxes. Do not forget to give anti-termite on your storage box. You can close it with a transparent plastic cover to avoid dust.