Easy Way To Get Rid Of Ants With Vinegar And Water

Easy Way To Get Rid Of Ants With Vinegar And Water

Finding food or drink at home surrounded by ants is very annoying. Although the house was cleaned properly, there is still a possibility there will be ants coming again which is quite disturbing. And generally, when we want to overcome this ant problem we usually use pesticide drugs.

Using lime ant or pesticide drugs can be bad for health if this is done continuously. Well, to overcome this problem, quoted from wikihow.com page can actually be done by utilizing natural materials that exist in the house.

The natural ingredient to overcome this problem is white vinegar. Ants are animals that doesn't like vinegar. The scent and the sour taste of vinegar make ants do not like it. White vinegar can be made as a natural solution to spray ants.

The trick is very easy, use white vinegar and water, take half a glass of white vinegar and half a glass of water and then mix into a bottle. Mix these two ingredients together and shake them to mix evenly. Spray it to places where ants often come to. Spray also to windows, doors or places that often passed ants.

By practicing this solution, slowly the ants will go away. To get maximum results, spray regularly every morning. When the spray has dried out and the smell of vinegar is gone, there is a possibility that the ants will come again. Hopefully this information is useful and no more ants at your home especially in the kitchen.