Tips for Your First Skydiving Experience

Tips for Your First Skydiving Experience

Skydiving? OMG! This activity does require guts, but you should try it if you are a fun fearless person. You only live once, right? Here are tips from Mindblowings to make your skydiving experience fun and unforgettable.

Do research on the location

After browsing the Internet to find the appropriate location or dropzone for you, take some time to read some of the reviews on other people's blogs so that you will understand more about the dropzone you are facing.

Prepare your mentality


Many people panic first and think that they will pass out in the air. Do not worry, most people fall in love with skydiving activity after their first jump! The important thing is you want to try.

Use appropriate clothes


The rules are simple: use loose gym shoes (keep your shoes off the air!) And tight and flexible gym pants. Avoid heavy jeans or elaborate clothes. Bring also a long-sleeved shirt or sweater even though the air is hot, just in case.

Eat enough


Although you feel nervous, filling the stomach is very important before this activity! If your stomach is empty, you will feel weak; when the stomach is too full, you will feel nauseated. Fill your stomach with a sufficient breakfast or a filling drink such as peanut butter and banana shake. Have a snack in your bag, okay?

Enjoy your new experience


You will experience something extraordinary! To make your experience even more memorable, do not forget to capture exciting moments through photos and videos so your family and friends can be motivated to join you in the next skydive.