This Simple Way Helps To Reduce Fear During Turbulence

Strong turbulence inside the airplane causes the fear of whoever is inside the plane. Usually in this atmosphere the passengers are shouting, closing their eyes while praying for safety.

Turbulence continues to be the concern of the aviation industry players because the impact is so great felt passengers. Well, one of them is this simple technique. This technique was introduced by captain pilot Ron Nielsen. The 40-year-old pilot who became the instructor about the fear in the plane suggested that turbulence passengers were asked to write his name repeatedly on the paper repeatedly using the opposite hand, if usually writing using the right hand, then use the left. This method give a statement to the brain to reject fear and not too worry. Passengers become distracted from turbulence.

Using the opposite hand, makes the brain a little disturbed that diverts from the turbulence process. This method is already practiced on The Today Show NBC News using a simulator. Producer Today News Jovanna Billington says this method makes it more comfortable when turbulence occurs.