Things Women Do Better Than Men

Things Women Do Better Than Men

Well, men may say that in general they are better at reading maps or playing with numbers. But do not feel inferior first ladies, because of course each gender has its own advantages.

Even in some cases, women also have many advantages over men you know. Mindblowings will share it with you. So, be proud to be a woman, dear!

1. Women lives longer.
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It turns out that it was not an assumption or a mere coincidence that the facts in The World Factbook published by the CIA, shows estimated sex ratio with age over 65 years was 0.79 for women. Which means, there are only 79 men out of 100 living women. Wow!

2. Women are better at communicating.
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In The Female Brain written by a neuropsychiatrist named Louann Brizendine, it is said that women say 20,000 words every day compared to men who only use 7,000 words. That is the main reason why women are more clever to make interesting conversations with new people. This communication ability makes women far more effective at collecting information and communicating it to others.

3. Women are more easy to release stress.
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Women often look weak because they are always telling their problems to their friends. But is this bad? In fact, according to research conducted by the United States Institute of Mind, found that only 29% of men who disclose the problem than women who reached 53%.

4. Women are better at managing finances.
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Sometimes women tend to be wasteful on shopping but beyond that, the New York Times published an article in 2010 that revealed that women are better at making money on the stock market than men.

Meanwhile, Wall Street explains that in general women are more focused with matters relating to finance and savings for the future. Compared to men who tend to rush, women more often to consider financial issues maturely. That's why women are better on bargaining.