Things At Home That Could Cause Cancer

Things At Home That Could Cause Cancer

Cancer is one of the killer diseases in the world that is very fierce. It is a terrible disease that can be caused by many things. Not just an unhealthy lifestyle, it turns out cancer can also be caused by some objects in the house you know.


This one thing could be one cause of cancer. This is because the sofa is treated with anti-fire chemicals, namely TDCIPP. According to a study from Duke University, TDCIPP was found in the blood of the person they tested.

This is because these chemicals are widely used in furniture made before 2013. Not only that, this study also found TDCIPP found in many household dust. Therefore, you should start replacing the sofa purchased before 2013.

Curtains and carpets

This object can also be a cause of cancer if exposed to chemicals from cigarette smoke, cadmium. The substance is carcinogenic, which can be attached to the curtains and carpets. Unfortunately, cadmium is very strong attached even though it has been trying to clean. To avoid this should not smoke in the house.

Leather chairs

Materials made of leather generally contain Chromium (VI). This element turned out to be carcinogenic, which has the potential to cause cancer. A study from Denmark found that nearly half of imported leather shoes and sandals contain several levels of carcinogens.

In addition, wooden furniture and dyes on the texture can also be a cause of cancer. You must pay attention to the label on the item before buying it.


This place apparently also has the potential to cause cancer. This is because of the presence of dioxins that can be found throughout the park area. Dioxins contain carcinogens, which can cause cancer.

Exposure to dioxins may increase your risk of developing cancer. While working in the park you are advised to wear gloves. Also, get used to washing the limbs before entering the house.

Old refrigerator

These objects can actually cause cancer. Saving the old refrigerator inside the house can actually make you potentially affected by cancer. This is because the old refrigerator keeps the carcinogenic coolant. You should remove the fridge that is too old from home.

Cleaning products

Some cleaning products such as dishwashing liquid, fabric softener, and carpet cleaner turn out to be items that can make you have the potential to develop cancer.

This is because the content of formaldehyde compounds in the cleaning products is carcinogenic. From now on always read labels of cleaning products and choose carefully.


To keep your clothes clean in the closet you will use a chemical product called Perchloroethylene. This material apparently contains carcinogens. This substance is also found in stain remover products, shoe polish, and wood cleaners. Therefore always wear gloves when shining shoes and cleaning wood.


Kitchen appliances made of styrofoam contain styrene that is carcinogenic. If exposed to heat, these chemicals can melt in food and beverages consumed.

Insect repellent

Chemicals containing pesticides can increase the risk of cancer. We recommend that you select a pest-free natural insect repellent product.

Well guys, from now you must always be careful and selective in choosing products for the sake of healthy living and away from cancer. Hopefully, this information is useful!