These Are The Four Enchanting Illuminations This Year in Kanto, Japan

These Are The Four Enchanting Illuminations This Year in Kanto, Japan

When you visit Japan this winter, try visiting a beautiful illumination event held at the following Place.

1. Diamond Illumination Illumination

"Yomiuri Land Jewellumination (R)" is a light illumination event designed by world-renowned illumination designer Motoko Ishii. In the event held until 18 February 2018, there are nine new spots, such as Sweet Area and Jewelry Light House.

The sweet area is enveloped with colorful lights adapted to the image of the fruits. Jewelry Light House is a tower with illuminated light.

Event Information
Yomiuri Land Jewellumination
Location: Yomiuri Land
Address: Tokyo, Inagi-shi, Yanokuchi 4015-1
Access: 5-10 minutes from Keio Yomiuri Land Station with Gondola, and about 5 minutes by bus to Terao-dai department, Yomiuri Land stop
Opening hours: 16.00-20.30, 16-25 December: 16.00-21.00

2. Illumination Themed Affair

Tokyo Doitsu-mura Winter Illumination 2017-2018 is an illumination event-themed "fairy tale, a thrilling smile" held until April 8, 2018.

Event Information
Tokyo Doitsu-mura Winter Illumination 2017-2018
Location: Tokyo Doitsu-mura
Address: Chiba-ken, Sodegaura-shi, Nagayoshi 419
Access: about 5 minutes from the door toll Ahizaki Sodegaura
Opening hours: from sunset until 20.00 (closing counter: 19.30)

3. Illumination Event Collaborate with Lantern

Winter Fantasia is an illumination event held until February 25, 2018. In this year's event, the area used is wider and there is a spot photo.

Event Information
Winter Fantasia
Location: Toshima-en
Address: Tokyo-to, Nerima-ku, Koyama 3-25-1
Access: Right from Toshima-en Toei Subway Line / Seibu Line station
Opening hours: from sunset to 19.30, from sunset to 18.00 (December 1, 2017, 2 and 3 January 2018)
Schedule (as per the Japanese calendar):
October 28 to December 17, 2017: Only held at weekends and holidays
23-31 December 2017: Every day
January 1, 2018: Not in operation
January 2 - January 8, 2018: Every day
January 13 - 25 February 2018: Only held at weekends and public holidays

4. Illumination in Japan's oldest Playground

The event "Rumiyashiki 2017 to 2018" is an illumination event held at Asakusa Hanayashiki, Japan's oldest playground. This event illuminates the theme "Sakura Roman" in which the lamps are made into sakura colors.

The rainbow tunnel is seventy meters long as if we are drowning in a fairy tale world. There are also performances that combine fountains, light, and music. We can enjoy the illumination along with the attractions that exist in this playground. This event is held until April 1, 2018.
Event Information
Lumiyashiki 2017 to 2018
Location: Asakusa Hanayashiki
Address: Tokyo-to, Taito-ku, Asakusa 2-28-1
Access: 5 minutes walk from Asakusa Station (Tokyo Metro Line, Toei Subway Line, Tobu Skytree Line)
Opening hours: 18.30-21.00