5 Jobs Artificial Intelligence Will Replace

5 Jobs Artificial Intelligence Will Replace

Technological advances such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) or artificial intelligence are now growing. A.I itself is artificial intelligence programmed in computers, robots, vehicles, and other electronic devices.

In the future, it is estimated that more and more technology that embraces this artificial intelligence system. Even predicted in the future human work will be replaced by technology Artificial Intelligence.


In the future, the task of a lawyer will be replaced by robot technology Artificial Intelligence. Even some time ago has been created a robot technology called ROSS A.I, which is claimed to be able to do a job like a lawyer with much better.ROSS can explore various references to the case being handled. By using an AI-tech robot as a lawyer, the legal process is claimed to be more accurate and faster.


Recently, SMACC, a financial management company, received an investment of 3.5 million dollars from investors to develop an Artificial Intelligence (AI) accounting system. So with the existence of the system, future companies do not need to hire an accountant, because the task has been taken over by technology artificial intelligence.

Video Editor

Although there is no artificial intelligence technology or Artificial Intelligence (A.I) in charge of video editing. But video editors are rightly wary because it only takes a while for the birth of artificial intelligence technology that can edit video like a professional video editor. Although many people consider it impossible, in fact, technology is now more and more developed.

Songwriter and Composer

In the future artificial technology or Artificial Intelligence (A.I) will penetrate into the world of drag votes and will automatically take over the work of the composer and songwriter. This artificial intelligence technology can automatically find a few simple words that are then compiled into a song and compose the tunes to accompany it.


Some time ago Google A.I managed to create a poem, it is because in Google AI has been infiltrated by artificial neural networks and 12,000 romance novels. In the future, there will be many more AI technologies that can produce great writing. Here is an example of a poem written by Google AI :

"That's the only way, it's time he blinks and is very difficult to describe. This is the time to move, he must do it again"

"They looked at each other and turned to look at each other, they all turned to look back and turned to look at him"

Those are the 5 jobs that will be replaced by artificial intelligence technology or Artificial Intelligence (A.I). Nevertheless, it indicates that the development of the technological world is advanced, it is expected that the technology Artificial Intelligence will facilitate all human life in the future.