These 5 Habits Can Make You Look Older

These 5 Habits Can Make You Look Older

Looking beautiful and youthful is the desire of many women. Yes, who is willing to look older than the original age? We all want to always look charming with a fresh face and also a fit body right?

In order to always look young, we need to pay attention to the habits that we do. Do not choose the wrong habits to make our appearance look older. From now on, avoid these habits to look younger than your age.

Lazy to use sunscreen


Every time going outdoors, do not forget to wear sunscreen. UV exposure can cause free radicals that can damage collagen and the difficult cells that cause wrinkles and black spots. This can later cause the face to look older than the original. So, do not be lazy to wear sunscreen on a regular basis every day.

Lack of sleep


One of the keys to staying young is getting enough sleep every day. If you sleep less, your beautiful skin can be disrupted. This is because the skin cells that work in a circadian rhythm are similar to the sleep cycle. At night, the body will recover damaged cells that occur during the day.

Less intake of fruits and vegetables


Eating foods with sufficient fruit and vegetable intake is very important to keep skin young. Make sure every day you eat fresh fruits and vegetables for the health and beauty of your skin.

Too much sugar

Our body does need adequate sugar intake. But do not be overconsuming foods and beverages that contain sugar. Skin beauty can be disturbed if you mostly consume sugar.

Smoking and drinking alcohol


Smoking can inhibit the flow of oxygen and nutrients into the skin. The skin can be disrupted because of this smoking habit. Drinking alcohol is also not good for the body because it can lower levels of antioxidants in the body and cause inflammation and damage to the body's cells.

It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle so that the body is always healthy and youthful face. The trick can be started by avoiding the above-mentioned habits.