List Of Countries Without Armed Forces

List Of Countries Without Armed Forces

Every independent country in the world has its general military forces to defend itself from possible threats from other countries, but did you know that there are countries apparently have no military at all, here are the facts.


This small country in central Europe disbanded its military in 1868 for financial reasons. The formation of troops was allowed in wartime, but the war never happened. The country has the second-largest gross domestic product per capita in the world after Qatar.


The islands are located in the Pacific Ocean is apparently not have armed forces.

Despite some conflicts that have occurred here, soldiers have never been formed in this country. Currently, there are only police officers taking part in this country.

This country declared independence from New Zealand in 1962. Since independence, this country has no military. New Zealand promises to step in to defend the country if necessary. Samoa State islands are located in the western part of the Samoan Islands, in the Pacific Ocean.


The country consisting of one island is 344 square kilometers with a population of 105,000, and lies between the Karibik and the Atlantic Ocean. The country is also a member of the Commonwealth. The country's constitution is monarchy.

Costa Rica

The constitution in the Caribbean island of Central America prohibits the government from having a military. The decree has been in force since 1949. It is now the site of the UN University for Peace.


The small country in Europe was founded in 1278. Andorra has no military, but Spain and France promise to protect if necessary. The country's total area is only 468 square kilometers.