These 11 Pictures Teaches How To Choose Natural Healthy Food Products

Choosing natural healthy food is necessary, in order to have a healthy body. Here's a quotation from Brightside, images that will teach you how to choose natural healthy foods.

1. Hard cheese

When buying hard cheese, notice the color, the hole, and the texture: the color should be the same and without the white crust; The hole should be evenly distributed across the pieces; If the cheese does not return its shape after a little squeeze, it is better not to buy it.

2. Fresh meat

Fresh meat is pink, not pink or even brown. Watch the fat lines: they should be shiny and very light. Good meat will also return to its original shape and not stick in hand / sticky.

3. Natural honey.

Natural honey is transparent and colored uniformly. The quality of honey is very sweet and has a distinctive aroma. Rub a drop between the fingers: if it is easily absorbed by the skin, that means honey does not matter.

4. Ice cream.
Always read the contents of ice cream. Overly flavorful flavors are rarely made from natural ingredients, so it's better to choose only those containing nuts, sweets, or gumdrops.

5. Fresh fish

A fresh fish has bright eyes; Cloudy and bulging eyes show old fish. The gills should be bright red, rarely pink (if blood is released through the gills). When you take the fish in the hand, the tail should hang freely.

6. Bread.

Fresh bread is not hard to find, but rarely will wrap it. Note that the plastic bag actually keeps the bread fresh longer, but will lose its taste in just a few hours in a package like that. So determine when the bread will be eaten and when the right time to buy it.

7. Paprika.

Two or three parts in the peppers indicate that it is slightly bitter and has fewer seeds. If there are four parts, it will taste sweet with many seeds. Note also the bottom of the pepper where the feathers stand out.

8. Leeks onion.

Look at the border between the white and green parts of the leek: if different, the product is good; If gradual, the leek will be too hard.

9. Milled Coffee.
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Good powdered coffee is never stored in plastic jars, only in glass or metal. Take a look at the "best before" date too - make sure it's not eligible for more than 18 months.

10. Chocolate.
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First and foremost, pay attention to the chocolate contents. The shorter the list of processed menus, the better. Quality chocolate should contain cocoa, while the derivatives are a sign of artificial products. In addition, it is better to choose a bar that has cocoa oil in it instead of vegetable oil.

11. Carrots.
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Choosing a good carrot is easy: just take the less light, have no spots, and small.