The Worst Match-Fixing Ever

The Worst Match-Fixing Ever

BBC and BuzzFeed claimed that they found evidence of match-fixing which is obtained directly from reliable sources. Cases of match-fixing were allegedly carried out by a betting syndicate from Russia and Italy are hidden by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP).

ATP parties also denied the report. They are denying the 16 players involved in the Match Fixing and as many as 50 of the top players who struggled at the Australian Open were also involved in it.

Even so, the world’s number 1 tennis player, Novak Djokovic, admitting that the match-fixing scandal was really happening. Serb claims to have offered money 100 thousand Pounds on the condition that he should succumb St. Petersburg Open.
Match-fixing scandal apparently not only once had shaken the sports world. The height of betting results match held giant gambling syndicate made a lot of athletes and sports officials fall and risking the credibility and integrity of their money sports field.

The Indian Cricket League

Cricket is the most popular sport in India, but the good name of the sport is tainted after few cases of match-fixing in the Indian Premier League Cricket are revealed. In 2013, a giant cricket club Affairs Taj Mahal, Rajasthan Royals, tangled case-fixing controversy.

According to ESPN reports, three players, Sreesanth, Ajit Chandila, and Ankeet Chavan were arrested for involvement in the case of Match Fixing along with 23 other people of their colleagues. Delhi Police claimed the trio is under the influence of gambling association Dawood Ibrahim and Chhota Shakeel.

Black Sox Scandal

Fixing case also touched Baseball League of the United States are known prestigious past. In 1919, at the World Series, the baseball club, the Chicago White Sox intentionally caving in the event after eight of their players have been involved in a match-fixing scandal.

The case has become one of the most controversial and consequential scandals in US history. One year later during the grand jury investigation of US courts, two of the eight players involved, namely Joe Jackson and Eddie Cicotte acknowledge their role in the scandal.

Ultimately, the court sentenced eight White Sox players with a ban who should not make a living from their lifelong baseball world and expel from the sport.

Setting Olympique Marseille Score

French club Olympique Marseille came out as the champion of the Champions League in 1993 and then, but their success in the biggest competitions in the Blue Continent tarnished fixing scandal in the country.

Marseille has a glorious season in a row with a notch title their fourth Ligue 1 and the French Cup. But it was canceled after reports if the Valenciennes players had been forced by high officials of the club Marseille to succumb in the match.

The club finally got the penalty relegated to the Second Division.

Nikolai Davydenko Case

Nikolay Davydenko is a professional tennis player who spent most of his career on the ATP Tour World. He has successfully entered the ranks of the world’s top four players and recorded only lost three of Roger Federer who was then debuted as the world number one.

But all the achievements were marred by a match-fixing scandal allegedly involving Russian. Davydenko was allegedly involved in the match-fixing case when he suddenly pulled away in the third set at the ATP World Tour after winning the first set facing Martin Vassallo Arguello.

Davydenko's strong pullback is suspected to have an arrangement of gambling syndicate of Russia. Parties to AT were doing an investigation against a 34-year-old tennis player, but the results of the investigation remains a mystery until Daydenko decided to retire in 2014 ago.

Case of West Germany vs Austria in the 1982 World Cup

World Cup is even still touched by a match-fixing syndicate from the grip of case fixing. In the last event of the 1982 World Cup in Spain. In the final round of the group stage, Der Panzer surprisingly defeated 1-2 at the hands of the dark horse team, Algeria.

Germany and Austria are facing off in the last match of the group stage allegedly conspiring and playing the eye so that both qualify. Both teams do not play seriously considered and a set score of 1-0 to win the German.

The result left Germany and Austria qualify because of their superior goal difference over Algeria. The case was finally made FIFA decided to hold the final match of the group stage played simultaneously.