The Most Unique Bridges Around The World

The Most Unique Bridges Around The World

The main function of a bridge is to connect us to other places and a normal bridge is often straight but let's see some of the unique and extreme bridges in the world.

1. Storseisundet Bridge, Norway

The Storseisundet Bridge links the Norwegian lands and Averoya Island. You could say this bridge is the most horrible in the world because this bridge is formed curved with a very steep arch.

There is also an optical illusion so the bridge is also called 'Drunk Bridge' which is quite dangerous for the first time to cross it. When viewed from a distance, vehicles crossing this bridge seem to be cut off in the middle.

2. Twist Bridge, Netherlands

In the Netherlands, there is also a bridge that has an optical illusion. The form of this bridge seems to be spinning and it looks like it will collapse into the river beneath it.

That's why this bridge is called 'Twist Bridge'. If you pass this bridge quickly while paying attention to the groove, you will feel dizzy. This place actually even attracts the attention of citizens and tourists. This bridge is now crowned as the most beautiful bridge in the Netherlands.

3. Langkawi Sky Bridge, Malaysia

Langkawi Sky Bridge in Malaysia is worth for you to try. The bridge is hung with steel wires on a large pole. Its location is at the peak of Mount Mat Chinchang with an altitude of approximately 2300 feet.

This bridge connects two adjacent mountains and crosses a chasm below it. The shape is curved with a length of 125 meters and 1.5 meters wide. Due to its unusual shape and location, Langkawi Sky Bridge is on the list of the most unique bridges in the world.

4. Helium Balloon Bridge, England

Can the bridge fly? Of course, it can. In England, there is a flyover that can fly because it is connecting with three helium balloons. The bridge itself is built across a lake in England.

When crossing this Helium Balloon bridge you will feel the bridge moving. This bridge has not been facilitated by safe security. So, we have to be smart to set our own balance. Dare to pass?

5. Trampoline Bridge, France

This bridge is not only extreme but also fun. To cross this bridge, you must jump to the destination. This bridge stands across the Seine River, not far from the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Trampoline Bridge is in the form of three donut-shaped jelly buoys. Very exciting right?

6. Blinking Eye Bridge, UK

This bridge is actually named 'Gateshead Millennium'. Often called 'Blinking Eye Bridge' because the shape of the bridge is very similar to the eyes and eyelids that want to blink.

The location is above the River Tyne in England. Uniquely, this bridge can rotate by 40 degrees every 45 minutes, depending on the wind and ships that will cross the River Tyne. This bridge can only be passed by pedestrians and cyclists only because it is not able to accommodate too much burden.

7. Roller Coaster Bridge in Germany

This one bridge looks very much like a roller coaster ride, which is circular and also wriggles like a snake. This bridge is not used for crossing, but only passes this bridge with a vehicle to see the beauty of the whole city from a height. The height of the bridge is about 45 meters and consists of 249 steps. Because of their uniqueness, these rides are often visited by foreign tourists.

That's 7 bridges built with a very unique shape. These bridges are very extreme and also dangerous. Some even took casualties in an accident.