The weirdest courses on college

The weirdest courses on college

College is a unit of education, higher education providers and many departments there that we can choose. Starting from economics, design, computer, engineering and so on.

But there are universities that teach courses that do not make sense for some of us, such as art of walking, superheroes and so on.

Here’s a list of the weirdest courses on college:

1. Underwater Basket Weaving


Universitas California, San Diego dan Universitas Reed di Portland, Oregon memiliki kelas mengenai mata kuliah ini. Bahkan Wikipedia mempunyai definisi dari “Underwater Basket Weaving” yaitu menganyam dengan mencelupkan batang tumbuhan ke air, dan membiarkannya basah.

2. Arts Of Walking


University Centre in Kentucky have a class on “The Art of Walking” . Lecturer bring students around the university, to teach them to appreciate proper way to walk. The lecturer said, walking helps to understanding of the “nature of the design is sensual and clear both inside and outside.”

3. Super Smash Bros Theory

Oberlin College in Ohio offers a class on Super Smash Bros., where students learn about the theory behind famous games and they can play the game for half the length of the course was.

4. Superheroes Theory


Student at the University of California Irvine can learn about the superhero theory by using certain superhero icon, like spiderman, superman, wonder woman and so on. Lecturers will teach about the science behind how to fly using related superhero as an example. Students also learn about how strong spider webs using Spiderman as an example. Associated lecturer says “This gives me an opportunity to talk about the real  science knowledge in a context that is close to the students.”

5. Star Trek Philosophy

Philosophy classes are often using pop culture topic to start a discussion, even a lot of books out there with a similar theme in a class at Georgetown University. But, in reality, this course just talk a little about Star Trek.

6. Science of Harry Potter

Frostburg State University offers a course on Harry Potter. The class discusses such topics as whether Fluffy the three-headed dog can be explained by genetic engineering or anti-gravity research can produce a flying broomstick.

7. Dating

University of Sioux Falls believe a course that teaches their students how to courtship can “change their lives”. Dating tips, read the signs and know when and how to break up covered in this course.