5 Rituals and Customs to Celebrate Chinese New Year

5 Rituals and Customs to Celebrate Chinese New Year

Do you know that the Chinese New Year has many unique traditions? In addition to Barongsai and red dragon ornaments, there are also other traditions that are often performed while celebrating the new year.

It's time for you to know the 5 Unique Traditions of the Lunar New Year to celebrate!

1. Cleaning the house to expel misfortune.
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The activity of using the home maintenance tool with the family became the hallmark of the day before celebrating the new year. From its history, cleaning the house is just to throw away bad luck but it's prohibited cleaning the house on the day of the Chinese New Year, because it will expel the sustenance that has been present.

2. The red color become the elements to avoid the spirits during Chinese New Year
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Wearing a red element in the new year is a precaution to avoid the disturbance of a wild animal called Nian. This animal is really afraid of the red color, therefore the red color becomes an important tradition in the Chinese celebration.

3. Receive the red envelope with money.
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For those who give red envelopes when celebrating the new year, avoid the number 4. Since the number 4 has a meaning of death, it is better not to fill the red envelope with money that starts with number 4.

4. Providing 12 types of foods and cakes when gathered with family.
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The unique tradition that is held during the new year is preparing 12 kinds of cakes and food to eat with big family. Milk and fish become is the main dish when the main dish. Let's use the new cutlery for the Lunar New Year!

5. Fireworks is the sign of the Lunar year.
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As a sign of the New Year, many people light fireworks and firecrackers to make it even more festive. The spirits of Nian animals are very afraid to hear the sound of the explosion. Do not forget to use your fire Dragon lighter :)