The Unexpected Secret Of a Pen Hole

The Unexpected Secret Of a Pen Hole

For some people, the pen becomes an important item that should not be left behind. But did you know that there is a secret of a hole on the pen that can save your life? Probably not many of you know that the hole on the cover of the pen was deliberately designed to at any time be used in an emergency.

From a new Scientist, the idea was originated from a unique habit that almost everyone in the world, namely biting the cap of the pen, so often reports of people who have medical emergency conditions because swallowing the cap pen . When the pen caps into the body then the target organ is the trachea.

Trachea itself has a very important function for the respiratory tract. If the pen cap is swallowed then the trachea will be closed so that the breathing is disturbed. With the hole, the air can still enter the lungs until first aid is given. That is the reason why the hole in the cover of this pen is very important.

The brilliant idea of this hole in the pen enclosure was first sparked in 1991 by BIC Company which is engaged in the production of stationery. In fact, all pens produced in the world must have this standard. Well, starting from now if you buy apen, see the lid first for your safety.

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