This Dome Is Unique, Store Seeds Of Food Reserves After The 'Doomsday'

This Dome Is Unique, Store Seeds Of Food Reserves After The 'Doomsday'

Have you ever imagined that in the future, food will be scarce? To overcome this scarcity, the Norwegian Government created a unique dome called Svalbard Global Seed Vault.

The dome can store grains until 'apocalypse' arrived. The dome was built in 2008 in Svalbard. This dome has a natural temperature that can keep genetic material from the threat of environmental damage or major disasters.

The idea of making the dome is based on the growing climate phenomenon. The uncertain climate makes plants difficult to adapt and die. To keep the plant from becoming extinct, the grains are stored in a dome so that it can be cultivated in the future.

Svalbard was chosen as the location for making the dome because of its strategic location. The ground on Svalbard is always frozen all year round. The temperature in the dome reaches -18 Degrees Celsius so good for grain.

The location of the dome is 130 meters underground. About 860 thousand varieties of grain varieties can survive in this dome for decades. Even some varieties of wheat can survive in this dome for 1000 years.
The dome stores a variety of grains from around the world such as corn, rice and wheat. The dome now stores about 1 million grain samples. With a very large size, this dome can accommodate 2.5 trillion grains.

The Norwegian government spent a fee of Rp 178 billion to make this dome. They believe, this dome can be a safe place to store food reserves in the future.

Well curious how this dome shape? see through the following video.