The Most Unique Hair Tattoo In The World

The Most Unique Hair Tattoo In The World

For most people, their hair is very important. They consider that they will look cool if they have a cool hairstyle. So many of them feel confident if they have something different on their head especially their hair. Some people will put a lot of colors or even they are creating figures in with their hair

Because of that, many of them are doing a unique breakthrough in their hair starts to form a tattoo on their hair with a very unique design. What is it looks like? So here it is,  The Most Unique Hair Tattoo In The World!

1. The lizard

This man chose a Mohawk as his hairstyle, but not as Mohawk in a general form. His hair was given a light green color and a little red and blue tattoos on his head to given the lizard’s body. To be more looks like there is a lizard landed on his head, this man formed a lizard head with his hair. Really funny.

2. Leopard

Animal motif obviously looks cool. Already many people are interested in clothes or bags patterned with animal print. But what this girl did is extraordinary. She made a tattoo on her head with a leopard motif. Combined with her mohawk haircut just make it cooler.

3. Heart

Young men and women from Tokyo have long been known for their Tokyo Harajuku fashion style which is very cool and brave. Such as this man who made something special and looks different. After the white-painted all over his hair, he leaves the left side of his head to be shaved and to be given a complete picture with bright blue color and a purple heart.

4. Christmas Tree


Well, mostly you will see a Christmas tree inside of your house or in the middle of a landmark. But have you ever saw a Christmas tree in the backside of a man's head? Well, this is really funny, lets hope that Santa Clause will not come to his head.

5. Dragon


Dragon is a beast and it is really scary. But this man creating a dragon with his hair and somehow it looks really cool. And even he keeps a little bit of hair on the backside of his head to form the tail of the dragon.

6. Cards

Men like to play poker. It was also the reason that makes this man dared to do something different with his hair. Instead of having a common haircut, this man forms the four kinds of poker cards in his head. And those cards are made with his hair.

7. Another Face


Have you ever think to have another face on your head? Well, this man creates another face on his head by using hair on the backside of his head. Well, this guy is really courageous because people will call him “Two faces man”.

8. Ball


His love for football seems to make this person can not be separated from that. Bravely he shaved his hair shorter and formed like a ball on his head. as it's not enough, the rest of the hair is colored in green and the black and white colors make it looks like a ball.

9. Gorilla


He put a tattoo of a gorilla on the backside of his head, and he keeps his hair not too short so it looks like an actual gorilla’s head.