The 10 Most Polluted Cities You Should Avoid For Your Health

The 10 Most Polluted Cities You Should Avoid For Your Health

Pollution is a very serious thing that must be taken seriously. Not only it cause disease, pollution also affects the surrounding environment. Here are the most polluted city that may harm your health.

1. Dzerzhinks, Russia

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The town of Dzerzhinks lies on the side of the Oka river in Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, Russia. The city of Dzerzhinks was named after the Russian leader Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky.

The city is the largest biological weapon producing city in the world, resulting in the city being polluted for chemical activities in the city. Life expectancy in this city is very low, the average age of the population in this city is 40 to 50 years.

2. Kabwe, Zambia
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The second largest city in South Africa is one of the largest tin mining in the world. This is the main cause why the city is so polluted. As a result, all the children in this town have very high lead levels and can cause brain and nerve damage to children and fetuses. But residents of this city should be grateful because the World Bank allocated 40 million dollars for clean-up projects in this city.

3. La Oroya, Peru
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Since 1922, Doe Run, an American mining company, has polluted the town of La Oroya in Peru, ignoring warnings about irresponsible ecology. They dispose of waste in the area. Company representatives never even warned La Oroya residents of the dangers of mining activities in the area.

As a result, the health of about 35,000 inhabitants of the city is threatened. The main pollutants are sulfur dioxide, lead, copper, and zinc, all waste from excessive and uncontrolled mining. Around 99% of all children born in the area showed signs of lead poisoning. Most of them did not make it past the age of 6. At the same time, acid rain is caused by sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere destroying vegetation in neighboring forests, as well as plants.

4. Linfen, China
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The city is in the center of the heart of Shanxi city, a Chinese province surrounded by hills peppered with coal mines. About 3 million people in this city drink water containing arsenic. The unusual thing is if you hang the laundry in this city, the color of the clothes will change to black color even before it dries.

5. Norilsk, Russia
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This town in Russia has the largest heavy metal smelting complex in the world. It is not known exactly how much zinc, arsenic, lead, cadmium, selenium, nickel, and copper are released into the air each year. In this city you will be very difficult to find a tree.

6. Sukinda, India
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Sukinda is the largest open chromium mine area in India. Chromium is a substance that is very harmful to health when swallowed and inhaled. While in this city, 60% of drinking water contains twice as much chromium than international standards. This resulted in the number of people potentially exposed to this pollution is 2.4 million people are threatened health.

7. Tianying, China
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The city has the largest tin production center in China, due to poor sewage treatment causes waste to seep into the waters and soil causing environmental pollution.

The city is one of the most polluted cities in the world which has about 140,000 residents in this area who are at risk of health because of the long-term health effects especially on the brain.

8. Vapi, India
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Vapi is a city located in the border area of industry, which stretches from all over the country. Vapi is home to 50 factories that produce chemical fertilizers for soil, petrochemical products, medicines and paints.

An estimated 71,000 people are directly affected by chemical residues and heavy metal poisoning. The level of mercury in the city's main water source is 96 times higher than the normal limit.

9.Sumqayit, Azerbaijan

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The city was designated as the most polluted city by the Blacksmith Institute in 2006. The peninsula where the town is located, Absheron, is considered the most polluted area in all of Alzerbaijan.

The city is also known as the children's grave of "Baby Cemetery", due to the many babies born in this city, born with a severe and intellectual disability, and died at an early age. The mortality rate is 50% while the children in Sumqayit suffer from a series of genetic disorders.

10. Chernobyl, Ukraine
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The city is an uninhabited city in Northern Ukraine, following the explosion of a nuclear power plant known as the "Chernobyl Incident" of 1985. Because the abandoned city is also known as a ghost town and is the home of a variety of wild animals because no human being dared to enter this area.

The incident affected 5.5 million people in this city who are threatened with cancer. There are already some residents, but the level of radiation in the city is still in critical condition.