The Most Famous Battle On World War 2

The Most Famous Battle On World War 2

World War 2 have spawned most famous Generals in history. World War 2 happen for about 5 years but it will never stop to give information to us to learn, such as Axis forces who controlled the game in the first half but in the second half Axis forces must give up this role carried out by the Allied forces.
This is the 5 headliner battles of World War 2

Garden Market Operations (17-25 September, 1944)


One of the largest air battle in history, “Operation Market Garden” is an attempt of the Allies to cross the Siegfried Line as well as to capture “the Ruhr,” the heart of German industry. This mission is triggered in the German-occupied Netherlands, but due to the lack of sophisticated weaponry and sufficient strength, the Allies were forced to return. After facing a humiliating defeat in this operation, Allied severly criticized for poor war tactics and strategies.

Battle of the Bulge (December 16, 1944 – January 25, 1945)


Battle of the Bulge was the last major attack by the Nazis against the Allied forces. This battle plotted to disrupt the alliance of America, Britain and France in the west of Europe. Initially, Germany experienced a lot of success but due to lack of proper reinforcement and shortening in a warehouse, their chances of success were cemented. In this battle, the Third Army General George S. Patton plays an important role in defeating Germany.

Battle of Berlin (20 April 1945 – 2 Mei 1945)


Considered as the bloodiest battles in the history of the war, the Battle of Berlin stigma that ended World War 2 in Europe. Before the starting this battle, the German border trapped by the Soviet Red Army and finally on April 20, 1945, they started shelling. Fierce battles of the Red Army destroy the German forces were exhausted and mentally chaotic. Knowing the conclusion of this battle, then many Adolf Hitler soldiers committed suicide, before the war ended.

The attack on Pearl Harbor (December 7, 1941)


Unsounded shock to the people of the United States, the attack on Pearl Harbor was a surprise attack military carried out by the Imperial Japanese Navy. At 8:54 PM on December 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor naval base was attacked by more than 350 Japanese fighters, bombers and torpedo planes. 188 hellacious assault destroying American aircraft, four warships United States Navy, three destroyers, three cruisers, one minelayer and an anti-aircraft training ship. In addition to the destruction of shipbuilding, power plants, torpedo storage facilities; 2,401 people were killed and more than 1250 people were seriously wounded. The next day, a contemporary American President, Franklin D. Roosevelt, declared war against Japan and the famous “Infamy Speech,” bringing the United States into World War 2

Battle of Stalingrad (August 23, 1942 – February 2, 1943)


Stalingrad battle took place between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany and well-known as one of the most brutal fighting and bloodiest in the history of war, with nearly two million from both sides. German forces managed to capture more than 90% of the total city of Stalingrad (now Volgograd) but the matter of fact that the Red Army made a remarkable comeback and beat back the Germans out of the border. In the midst of extreme weather conditions, Soviet troops fought bravely and destroyed the 6th Army Germany.