The Most Exotic Pools On Earth

The Most Exotic Pools On Earth

In addition to body fitness, swimming can also be one of recreational activities to refresh the mind. Whether swimming in private pools or in public areas, this one sport is in great demand. For that reason, many swimming pools are built with designs and special facilities to pamper the fans of this sport. In fact, the location was chosen carefully.Now let's see the 10 most beautiful swimming pools in the world.

1. Hanging gardens of Bali, Indonesia
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The breeze, the sound of birds chirping, and the natural green scenery to complement the beauty of this swimming pool. As the name implies, this pool is made as if hanging over the tropical rain forest of Bali. Shaped multilevel, with a choice of natural materials around it increasingly make visitors feel at home spend time to refresh the mind here.

2. Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena, Ibiza Island, Spain
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Built on the cliff of Na Xamena, Ibiza Island, Spain, this swimming pool is at an altitude of six hundred feet above sea level. In addition to presenting a panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea, there are other uniqueness that adds to the beauty of this swimming pool. One of them is a staircase design with rock ornaments that limit every step. The water that comes from the higher pool steps will fall into the lower pool. With such a design, visitors to this pool will feel the sensation as if swimming in the waterfall.

3. The Cambrian Hotel, Adelboden, Switzerland.
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The swimming pool made with a scenic backdrop of the Alps offers a unique experience for its visitors. The serene atmosphere of the mountains plus the spa facilities and hot tubs make the location of this swimming pool very suitable for visitors who want to relax.

4. Blue Palace Resort, Crete, Greece
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Still in the European region, one of the most beautiful swimming pools is located on the banks of Elounda Beach, Crete, Greece. The swimming pool is perfect for those of you who crave swim in a private pool with complete facilities and luxury. Pool water temperature can also be increased if visitors want to feel the sensation of swimming in warm water.

What makes this swimming pool very interesting is penyajinya horizon of the vast landscape that seems to make visitors together with the sea off. Not only the activity of swimming or sunbathing in the sun, visitors of this pool can also enjoy the sensation of a romantic nan romantic dinner at the edge of the pond directly facing the sea.

5. Astarte Suites, Santorini, Greece
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This swimming pool may instantly remind you of the atmosphere of Ancient Greece. The design of a magnificent hallway with ornate curtains beside it gives the impression of luxury and classic a la Greek in this swimming pool.

Located in Santorini, the Astarte Suites pool faces directly to the Aaegean Sea and the volcanic caldera. Every time before sunset, the sky at the location of this pool will look orange. Absolutely the perfect place to unwind!

6. Chongwe Riverhouse, Zambia
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In the pool that includes one of the facilities of Four Seasons Resort, Hawaii, United States, visitors will be surrounded by beautiful views of the mountains in western Maui, Lanai Island, and the Pacific Ocean. Not only a spectacular view of the scenery, the pool is also equipped with underwater sound system and bar service to pamper the visitors.

7. Utah Crater, USA
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There is one of the most beautiful swimming pools that are different from other swimming pools in the world which is located in Unites States of America. This pool is formed naturally from a collection of rainwater that goes into a cave hole. The clarity of the water blends nicely with the light coming through the hole at the top of the pool. Additionally the water in the Utah Crater pool is also warm so it is suitable for soaking.

8. Marina Bay sands, Singapore
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It turns out one of the most beautiful swimming pool in the world can also be found in the middle of Singapore's modern concrete jungle. When swimming in this pool, you feel like floating in between skyscrapers because the swimming pool that runs in the roof area of one of these five-star hotel is made at a height of 500 feet.

If you just want to relax enjoy the view of the city, visitors can maximize the sun deck area with hundreds of lounge chair on the edge of the pool made with this elongated shape.

9. Velassaru Resort,Maldives
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The swimming pool is built right by the beach. Beautiful clear blue sea scenery will accompany anyone who swims in this pool. In addition, there are also hot spa facilities that add to the comfort of visitors when relaxing here.

10. Devil's pool, Zambia
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Africa's nature is endless. Still in Zambia, Eastern Africa, there is a beautiful natural swimming pool as well as challenging the adrenaline of its visitors. If you are lucky, you can swim with the stunning colors of the rainbow.