The Most Beautiful CEO In The World

The Most Beautiful CEO In The World

When you heard about CEO, what is in your mind? Probably powerful, rich, smart, charismatic, and a lot more. But these women not only offering those qualities, they brings the beauty to the field. This is the most beautiful CEOs in the world.

Sophia Amoruso


The 29-year-old woman is a CEO of NastyGal, and responsible for handling ebay since 2006, especially vintage clothing for women. Stores are handled fairly large because it has more than 550,000 customers worldwide. She have a few tattoos and actually not very smart, and she is not graduated from her university. But for the fashion business, she got a good taste. Her seriousness on the world of fashion that is what makes her success becomes a CEO.

Hayley Barna dan Katia Beauchamp


These two women aged 29 and 30 this year, are in the second place. They are founders of the company that sending personal care, called Birchbox. Initially the company designed specifically for women, but in its development, Birchbox also provide services for men. Although this business is relatively new, but thanks to the seriousness of Hayley Barna and Katia Beauchamp, it makes them successful on developing Birchbox.

Alexa Von Tobel


This 29 year old beautiful woman is the CEO of LearnVest. With her intelligence, Alexa create an online guide to help others save money. She also created an online community, which also to help a lot of people in terms of investing for their future. Even when she is really busy, Alexa still had time to write articles for Inc. Magazine and Huffington Post.

Jennifer Hyman


This women who are still single at the age of 32 and began her career in a online fashion shop  when she was stay at Harvard. Currently, she manages the store which already has more than 3 million members. Even then, it is still keep growing, because the clothing company that manages a wide range of innovations and constantly open up new lines, as is currently being done, namely: launching a clothing line for women who have a large body size.

Tory Burch


By looking her beauty, we certainly would not guess if this woman is already 47 years old. She is the originator of the fashion business, which is named the same as the name itself, namely: “Tory Burch”. Business is built within less than 10 years, the current business has been transformed into a big business with a turnover of millions of dollars. Something praiseworthy in Tory Burch is her concern for others. She always hoped that others can succeed as her. For that she set up a foundation “Tory Burch” to help provide mentoring for girls who want to achieve success.

Xi Huilin


This woman has been accepted to college when she was 14 years old. At the age of 19, she had become a lecturer. And when she was 27 years old, she founded the first online-based institutions in China, with the name “Campus Online Group”. Now, when she is only 30 years old, she has been managing the company’s assets worth of US $ 600 million

Claire Chambers


The 33-year-old Chambers is the founder of lingerie retail company. She is using “anti-Victoria’s Secret” as the slogan, because Lingerie industry is dominated by Victoria’s company. Thanks to business networking Act One that she developed, during recessions her company managed a growth of up to two digits.