The Longest Bridge Of Glass

The Longest Bridge Of Glass

Chinese construction workers working at a height of 180 meters over a steep ravine, has finished changing the wooden suspension bridge in Hunan, central China, with a bridge with a glass floor that is transparent, so that the entire bottom of the gorge is clearly visible.

The suspension of the bridge that connects the two peaks of the mountains Stone Buddha in Shiniuzhai Geopark. The bridge has 300 meters long, is now the first suspension bridge in the world that is entirely made of glass .The floor of the bridge will be unveiled on October 1 when China celebrates National Day with a public holiday for a week

Most of the floor of the bridge has been replaced with a glass in 2014, and has attracted fearless tourists.

To make the transformation, the engineers had to strengthen the structure of the bridge with additional steel cable, remove the existing timber board and secure the thick glass panel to the place. And the only thing that separates them from the risk of falling down just kei suspension cables beneath their feet ,

This project becomes very difficult not only because it is located at a height, but also because the structure is based on a suspension bridge. This means that every time someone walked along the bridge, the bridge will moved slightly, and potentially causing a difference in the measurement.

According to the engineers, the team worked from 07:00 am to 7:00 pm local time each day to complete projects on time and with high safety standards.

One of the engineers, Yang Guohong said: “No matter how a tourist would move or jump on the bridge that we built, then he’ll be just fine. The structur of the steel under the bridge is so dense that even if the glass is broken, visitors will not fall . ”

They are using special glass that is 25 times stronger than ordinary window glass and weighs about 140 kilograms. Four people are required to lift each pane of glass.

This amazing construction has been dubbed as a ‘bridge heroes’ because it takes courage to cross it. In recent years, glass walkways believed to have become very popular among Chinese travelers search the tourism sensation.

Earlier this year, a viewing platform in Chongqing, south-western China, becoming the world’s longest cantilever with glass below it.

Another bridge is currently being constructed in Zhangjiajie, Hunan. which would be incredible because of the high of 300 meters above the canyon. The 380-meter long bridge will be able to accommodate 800 people at a time when it is finished.