The Effects Of Soda On The Body That You Need To Know

The Effects Of Soda On The Body That You Need To Know

You probably already know that sodas are not good for the body. However, what is the effect on the body that some claim that soda can cause various deadly diseases, ranging from kidney failure to cancer?

To answer this curiosity, a pharmacist and blogger Renegade Pharmacist, Njiaj, reveals the things that actually happen to the body when drinking soda. According to Njiaj, the amount of sugar present in a can of soda should make you vomit. However, the phosphoric acid content present in the soda "cuts" the effect and prevents you from vomiting. Yikes!

And, it turns out this is the effect of drinking soda on the body.

Image source: popurls

The first 10 minutes: soda contains 10 teaspoons of sugar (which is the maximum amount of sugar in a day!) And all of this sugar goes straight into the body system. This amazing sweetness should instantly make you want to vomit, but phosphoric acid "blocks" the taste.

After 20 minutes: a spike in blood sugar, so the body's insulin increases. Your liver responds to this condition by turning sugar into fat. And, predictably the amount of fat produced is not small.

After 40 minutes: all the caffeine content in the soda has been completely absorbed by the body. The effect is enlarged pupils, blood pressure increases. Lever then pumps sugar into the bloodstream. In this condition, the brain's andenosine receptor has been blocked so you do not feel sleepy.

After 45 minutes: the body's dopamine production increases and this stimulates the pleasure center in the brain. By the way, this effect also occurs when taking illegal drugs. What ?!

After 60 minutes: phosphoric acid binds calcium, magnesium, and zinc to the intestine, which makes the body's metabolism increase. This condition is then exacerbated by high doses of sugar and artificial sweeteners that make the body so throw calcium through the urine.

More than 60 minutes: diuretic effects of caffeine begin to feel. This condition makes you want to urinate. As a result, calcium, magnesium, and zinc do not get absorbed into your bones. So it is with sodium, electrolytes, and water.

More than 60 minutes: after all the "excitement" caused by the soda subsided, you start having sugar crashes. So, chances are you feel weak and irritable. In this condition, the body also has issued all the water contained in soda before it could absorb the nutrients to the body. As a result, you lose the benefits of water that can actually be used to moisturize the body system or make bones and teeth stronger.

After knowing all this information, will you reduce the consumption of soda?