The Coolest Beach Bars in Bali

The Coolest Beach Bars in Bali

Whether it’s the cocktails or white sand beaches your looking for, Bali best beaches clubs is the hottest place to chill and party. Here are the top beach clubs in Bali to help you decide which coast to head to.

1. Karma Beach Club – Bali, Indonesia

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Karma Kandara resort is located in the amazing cove but beach bar club is just under the cove.This tropical paradise offer a sparkling blue lagoon and white sand.

While drinking the colorful cocktails and healthy juices available,you can listen to the sound of the wave of Indian Ocean.It seems to be a relaxing spot right?

2. Nikki Beach Club – Bali, Indonesia

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Nikki Beach is located in Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia.This venue has dining,music,fashion,film and art in one beachfront location.

You can spend your days laying on the sun beds surrounded by the pool and sea view and indulging with fresh cocktails.

3. Cocoon Beach Club – Bali , Indonesia

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The breath-taking spot in Cocoon Beach Clubs features a blue centerpiece surrounded by white sun loungers.You can grab your favorite cocktail and party at this amazing venue.

4. Komune Beach Club – Bali , Indonesia

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What is so special about this beach club is that the Club has a beachfront outdoor cinema among the coconut trees with the the sea view. Komune Beach Club is the perfect spot to laze around so be sure to visit this amazing beach club!
5. El Kabron – Bali, Indonesia


El Kabron, a stylish Tapas Restauran is situated in Uluwatu/ Jimbaran area.Relax at the white rock pool sea view with sunset drink and the Spanish vibe with the amazing food is just so perfect!

6. Blue 9 Beach –  Bali, Indonesia


If you like to get a little wild under the moonlight then this Blue 9 has you covered.The beach parties is a regular thing to do at this club.

You can sit on the colorful bean bags in the sand and enjoy cheap cocktails or smoke shisha with your mates.

7. Single Fin,Blue Point Bay Villas, Bali ,Indonesia


Single Fin in Blue Point Bay Villas is a perfect spot for all who want to watch the surfers in action from the top.It is also a place to go on Sundays when there is a live music with crazy parties.

8. Finn’s Beach Club, Bali, Indonesia


With the sparkling pool,amazing bamboo structure and the deep house music . it is such a relaxing venue to spend the entire day at Finn’s Beach Club.

Spend the day with delicious cocktails and listen to the fresh breeze of the sea.