The Benefits Of Aloe Vera For Beauty

The Benefits Of Aloe Vera For Beauty

Aloe vera contains a wide variety of biologically active compounds, such as mannans acetate, polymannans, anthraquinone, various lectins and saponins and anthraquinone compounds. Anthraquinone compounds contained in aloe vera is a substance which can counteract the bacteria.

It is classified as an herb because it contains about 75 kinds of substances that are beneficial and approximately 200 other compounds are highly efficacious.

And this is the benefits for beauty

Aloe Vera is Eliminate Acne

The trick is very simple and can be done at home without having to go out of the house. Just take aloe vera, then open the inside of her, then take the sap contained inside. Apply on the face affected by acne once a day for about 10-15 minutes then rinse with warm water.

Eliminating Dark Spots

For those of you who have black spots on the face due to the influence of cosmetics or acne scars, aloe vera is a powerful method to eliminate them in a natural way. The trick is: after the face is cleaned, take aloe vera jelly, then clean it from her fluid and wipe your face every morning as well evening. Let stand for 30 minutes. After that wash your face with warm water and dry it. Do it at least twice a day. Guaranteed, your face will be smooth and free of black spots. Although it takes a long time, but if you do it regularly, the result would be satisfying.

Nourishing the lashes

If you are quite often using mascara, of course it will have an effect on the health of your lashes. Such as, dry eyelashes and quickly fall. But you do not need to worry because there is a special recipe that uses aloe vera jelly which can strengthen the roots of the lashes and nourish your lashes and your lashes will be looks great. The trick is: before you are going to sleep, or even when you relax, wash your lashes. Let it be free from chemicals such as mascara. Then take the Aloe Vera jelly, and rub gently and quietly on your eyelashes. Let it for 30 minutes then wash it with warm water until its clean.

Fertilize Eyebrow

Aloe vera jelly can also be used to thicken your eyebrows. Everyday before you are sleeping rub your eyebrows with Aloe vera very gently, then on the next day wash it. The more often you do it, then the result will be maximal.

Hair Care

In terms of hair care that has been done, the use of aloe vera can accelerate hair growth, reducing the appearance of dandruff, and also can replace the function of the conditioner. Take at least 2 midrib aloe vera that has been washed, then rub it on the scalp that has been washed . Then wrapped with cloth and rinse your hair the next day, try this treatment every day to get maximum results.

Skin Care

Aloe vera is known as the perfect nutrition for your skin. Because it is suitable for all skin types and he gave the oxygen supply to the cells that can arouse strength and nourish the skin. Take a piece of aloe vera and set aside part of the gel alone. Remember, this is does not include the sticky liquid that is attached to the skin. Take the gel and put it in your skin before you go to sleep. The benefit is to make acne disappear, the skin will be softer, shiny and say goodbye to wrinkles.

Shaving gel

If you want to shave with comfortable and feeling safe, you do not have to use shaving cream. You are only need to put a gel contained in aloe vera then it will be easier for you to shave and prevents irritation. Aloe vera will keep your skin cool and it will make you more comfortable

Makeup Cleanser

You can try aloe vera gel to clean your makeup. You can take the natural gel directly, then it will clean up your makeup gently without leaving irritation.