What Successful People Do Before Bed time

What Successful People Do Before Bed time

Guys, do not underestimate your night routine: a good night routine will prepare you for a more productive and energetic morning. Consider the example of the night routine performed by the following five successful people!

Directed by Ingmar Bergman, read before bed.


"Do you know the meaning of making a movie? Work hard for eight hours to get three minutes of the film, "the legendary director explained in an interview in 1964. When he was not busy making movies, this Swedish man was fond of reading books. A study from the University of Sussex proves that by taking six minutes to read each day, stress can be reduced by 68%. Good excuse to start reading, right?

Psychotherapist Carl Jung enjoys having dinner with the family


Carl Jung once wrote, "I realize that people who are tired and in need of rest but still work, are actually quite stupid." Well-known psychiatrists who contributed greatly to the world of psychology are very much concerned with family quality time. Although he was classified as a workaholic, he always took time to enjoy a healthy dinner with family.

Scientist Benjamin Franklin introspected the day


Men who play a major role in founding the United States are always introspective every night before bed. He will ask himself, "What's the good thing I've done today?" Well, you can do that too. Ask yourself: what have you done successfully? What failure has been faced today? What can tomorrow do?

Composer Ludwig Van Beethoven always sleep early


Für Elise's classic songwriter rarely creates music at night. The fact is, this famous pianist almost always sleeps under 10 at night! Thanks to the habit, Beethoven can optimize his morning routine as he always gets 7-9 hours of sleep the night before.

Writer Jane Austen looks for feedback


Ever read or watched the story of Pride and Prejudice? The author of this book has a habit in which he reads his unfinished stories to the family to get feedback from them. Even if you're not a writer, designer, or entrepreneur, having an exciting side project to do at leisure can help ease your stress. Do not forget to ask for opinions from the people closest, Ok!