Do Not Drink Tea With These Medicine

Do Not Drink Tea With These Medicine

For some people, consuming drugs with tea is usually practiced as an alternative to eliminate the bitter taste of the drug. The sweet taste obtained from sugar in tea is believed to reduce nausea when taking the drug. This method itself is powerful to do for some people who cannot swallow the drug perfectly.

In addition, tea also gives a warm feeling when to people who are sick. But it turns out that not all types of drugs are allowed to drink along with the drug because one of the contents of caffeine in tea can reduce the efficacy of the drug.

1. Diabetic medication

As we know, sugar content in tea is not good to be consumed along with diabetes drugs. Because this will increase blood sugar levels. Therefore when the consumption of diabetes drugs, it is better to use water alone.

2. Antibiotics

If you are taking antibiotics, it's good that you do not drink tea, because the caffeine content in tea gives the effect of increased heart rate, and feelings of anxiety in someone.

3. Hypertension medication

Actually consume green tea on people with hypertension can reduce the effectiveness of drug work. In addition, the content in tea is thought to have an impact on drug absorption in the intestine.

4. Contraceptive drugs

Just like with antibiotics, you should not consume contraceptive drugs along with tea. Because the dangers of caffeine can increase heart rate and feelings of anxiety.

5. Medicinal herbs

Dangers of caffeine in tea can also reduce the absorption of iron and folic acid in herbal medicine. So if you take herbal medicine with tea, the efficacy of the drug will be in vain.