10 Surprising Benefits Of Sleeping Naked

10 Surprising Benefits Of Sleeping Naked

In Asian society, sleeping with the naked condition is still one taboo thing. However, in some countries, sleeping naked has become a habit. And more importantly, sleeping habits like this are healthy. Research proves that naked sleep has many benefits.

1. Sleeping naked make blood circulation more smoothly because of not entangled by clothes

By sleeping without wearing a shirt at all, you will reduce the potential of rubbing, depressed, even entangled clothes due to narrowness, where it affects the blood pressure in the body.

Your blood circulation will become more fluent so it also helps lower the risk of various diseases related to blood vessels such as heart disease, hypertension, varicose veins, and so on. Great, yes.

2. Your sleep will be more soundly due to a decrease in body temperature as needed. Remember, it's the same as cold

When we fall asleep, the body temperature will fall 0.5 degrees Celsius. When naked, the body temperature will be easily released so that the person feels comfortable and can sleep quickly. While you are wearing a nightgown, the body will have difficulty lowering the temperature. So you will tend to often wake up because of heat.

3. Sleeping naked help reduce stress, depression, insomnia. In fact, other psychological problems

A study claims that those who sleep naked tend to feel relieved from negative thoughts. Therefore, by sleeping naked you can be free from stress.

A person who sleeps naked will have a happier feel and feel freer. Why? Because by sleeping naked, you are free from clothes, friction from clothes, and discomfort that may be caused when you wear a shirt during sleep.

4. Miraculously, you can stay young! Because when you sleep soundly, your body produces good hormones to prevent premature aging

While sleeping, the body produces the hormone melatonin (anti-aging hormone) and other growth hormones. People who sleep more soundly with sleep naked will be more hormones produced, so it can help in the prevention of the aging process. As a result, you will be more youthful.

5. Then, you will be free from skin diseases and disorders of the hair, health will also always awake

Sleeping naked provides an opportunity for all parts of the body to expose the air so as to reduce the moisture in the vagina, armpits, legs, and other moist body parts. This will prevent the proliferation of fungi and bacteria that cause various diseases.

6. Believe it or not, sleeping naked can prevent symptoms of type 2 diabetes
Prevent diabetes too!


A study showed that if a person sleeps naked, which means a lower body temperature, is closely related to the increase in the body's metabolic system, reduce blood sugar levels, and prevent type 2 diabetes.

The bad fats in the body will be gone within a few weeks so as to improve the health of the body, especially the body's metabolic system.

7. No need to have a diet, sleeping naked helps you reduce the fat stomach

How could that be? Actually, while you sleep, your body also burns calories. A decrease in body temperature due to sleep naked, will lower the stress hormone cortisol, maintain energy and hunger levels. This will make your body ready for a day's activities.

If you have trouble sleeping because your body temperature rises, there will be excess cortisol which also increases the appetite that makes the person consume more food, and increase the possibility of high-fat consumption as well.

8. You will be able to wake up early with a fit, energized, and radiant face
Your morning will be fun


When you wake up, your body will feel light and fresh. Once again, because your body is completely rested, so the process of detoxification and stripping of the skin goes smoothly. In addition, your sleep is also sound, and do not sweat, so the oil content of your face will also be controlled.

9. By more often seeing yourself naked, you will be more confident and not be inferior

Various theories say that the more often you see your body naked, the higher the level of acceptance of yourself. This is certainly very important because it can increase confidence because you are more accepting of whatever physical conditions you have.

10. For those of you who have been married, your home life will be more harmonious.

Sleeping naked is highly recommended for married couples, for the sake of harmonizing the household and helping to nourish the body thoroughly.

Contacts that occur between the skin of both, will stimulate the release of the hormone oxytocin in the body, this hormone causes a sense of fun, prevent stress, fight depression, reduce blood pressure, and help increase sexual arousal.