Su Nu Cing, The World's Oldest Sex Book

Su Nu Cing, The World's Oldest Sex Book

Long before the name porn videos were created, the humans of the earth had already taken such a great interest in sex. They believe that sex is a ritual that provides positive health benefits and can solve problems and bring happiness. However, they also believe that if done wrongly, sex can bring havoc, and therefore they are hungry for information about sex.

At first, the information only spread by word of mouth until finally, the Taoists decided to write a manual on sex which contained questions that were answered directly by Emperor Huang Ti and his 3 female advisors. The book was also given the title Su Nu Cing which was recorded as the oldest sex book in history with an age of more than 5000 years.

su nu cing

Taoism aka Taoism basically teaches how to achieve long life by improving physical and spiritual health and their research on sex shows signs that humans feel happiness when having sex. This research is also supported by modern research where the efficacy of sex is really real as long as it is done properly.

Sex in practice is beneficial for blood circulation, increasing anti-stress hormones, burning calories, reducing the risk of prostate cancer, and improving sleep quality. However, if done wrong sex can destroy your future forever. So, don't play with free sex