Stop Using Plastic Bag, Make Your Own Bag For Shopping

Stop Using Plastic Bag, Make Your Own Bag For Shopping

Instead of using plastic bags, we should start getting used to carrying bags or shopping. Don't have eco-friendly shopping bags? Easy! Just follow the tutorial to make a simple shopping bag!

1. From a used shirt.
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Do you have a used shirt that is not used anymore at home? Rather than filling your wardrobe, just make it as an environmentally friendly shopping bag. This is how you do it:

  • Cut off the top of the shirt (under the neck hole and hand hole) so half a circle
  • Then sew the part
  • Turn the shirt over and make the lines (approx 3cm) dashed in several rows in 3/4 of the T-shirt section. Create a longer line (approximately 8cm) in the remaining section.
  • Hole the lines with scissors or cutter

2. Used T-shirts.
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Still with the same material that is used shirts, well it turns out these used shirts can be made of various models of shopping bags. How:

  • Prepare a clean and washable bag
  • Turn the T-shirt, then trim it at the bottom with pins
  • Sew the bottom of the shirt
  • Turn off the T-shirt and then draw a wide necklace on the neck and armpit that will serve as the handle of the bag
  • Cut out the already drawn part
  • Taraaa, be a kece bag you can use for shopping

3. Cushion cover.
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pillowcases with beautiful design can also be used to substitute for plastic shopping bag. This is how:

  • Prepare a clean pillowcase
  • Fold into two like drawings, and cut with curve shapes on both sides. try to be symmetrical with one another.
  • Trim the end of the handle with ribbons and pieces of fabric to be stronger.
  • Can use glue, then ironed, or with sewn back.
  • Well, this beautiful bag of pillowcases is ready to accompany your shopping.

4. Wheat sacks.
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You can also use this bag of wheat bag into an environmentally friendly shopping bag. The way is easy because you only need to make a rubber hole on top.